Keep the EbonStar hunter!


So most of you have experianced or at least heard of the bug that causes a dead trapper to respawn as an EbonStar survivor. Apparently he has Hyde’s minigun, Parnell’s shotgun, and a personal shield. I have played two matches where this has happened to the squad’s trapper. The game devs are currently looking to fix it. I hope that they don’t completely fix it. It’s a really awesome game variable that I would like to see kept in the game. Edited and refined, of course, but not eradicated. At the very least make this guy into a Hunter we might see in a future expansion. The goal of this is to gain enough popularity for the devs to take notice.


It would be cool if other variables were incoperated as well, such as a hatchable egg randomly spawing for the monster, that appears on no ones mini-map… Or some such madness.