Keep "hunt" queu the way it is


Some people have been complaining that you can’t queu up specifically as monster or as a hunter in hunt mode, and they suggest that TRS makes hunt queu similar to ranked queu. I just wanted to say that at least one player here is happy with the way hunt mode queu works and would rather you keep it the way it is. It’s nice to play with “no preference” set and get some matches as monster, and some matches are hunter.


The fact that so many people have been complaining is IMO enough evidence that some change is due. My suggestion has always been to allow both hunter/monster or no preference queuing in quick play. There can be change without compromising the ability to queue with no preference, so calling out “don’t change a thing” seems a little counterproductive.

I know there are people that truly have no preference, but there are also a lot of people with very strong preferences. Generally if I get stuck as monster more than once or twice in a night I’m going to start just leaving the lobbies because it’s not fun for anyone - that’s a problem.


There’s always going to be a vocal minority that come here and complain. Those who are happy with the way things are, are less likely to come here and actually say so.


That’s pretty much what I’ve came across. Or when you queue with friends and one of you gets lumped as monster and you all have to back out and re-queue.


So, because the people that are unhappy with the current state of things might be a minority of players, there should be no change at all? Not even change that would make those people happy while also improving the situation for people who were already happy?


You’ve completely abandoned logic and reasoning with that statement.


I don’t know but I think you might be the one not being reasonable. There’s lots of people like myself who don’t play Monster at all and instead of wasting my time going through load screens just suiciding at the start of a match I leave before the game starts if me or my party gets put as Monster.


There’s a difference between reasoned and reasonable.


There’s a difference between a proper argument and copy and pasting the same generic statement.

Matchmaking should provide a smooth transition to a match, but currently it seems like it’s a bit of RNG if someone is willing to play monster or not. It just seems like you’re refusing to listen to any opinion but your own and just because what’s in place now you think it works.


See I was thinking the same thing. What I typed was a question, not a statement, trying to confirm that I had correctly understood your perspective.

Because first you say

And then after I point out that there is possible change that would fix the complaints while also leaving intact the one example you gave of what you liked about the status quo, you just doubled down, dismissing the people with issues as a vocal minority rather than acknowledging that maybe there’s room for some positive change.


Okay here, I’ll point out the logical issue myself.

I guess calling that a logical issue might not be right. It’s more of an assumption. You’re making the assumption that the rest of the players would be happy with the change.

So, because the people that are unhappy with the current state of things might be a minority of players, there should be no change at all?

And no, I’m not saying that there should be no change at all. I’ve seen the matchmaking system go from the way it is now, to Hunt 2.0 (where you could only que up as either monster or as hunter) and then back again to what it is now. I was more satisfied with the way it is now, and I’m saying that I, and likely others, are happy with the way it is now. And while there may be more people complaining to change it so that you can only que up as either monster or as hunter, this may not represent the majority because it is the disgruntled minority that is most likely going to come here and complain.


The one complaint I have heard from everyone - hunter players, monster players, and people who play both - is that they don’t like people leaving.


That is the one concrete example you’ve given of a positive aspect of the current system.

The change that I proposed and have been repeatedly proposing would retain that one positive while also reducing the number of people leaving by giving people the option to choose one or the other, should they so desire.

The only assumption I’ve made is that most people who are queuing for matchmaking prefer games with humans to games with bots, which doesn’t seem like much of a stretch given that people who want to play with bots could always just do that.

As for your last bit, I’m fairly certain that ranked is still set up the way hunt 2.0 was, and with good reason. Quick play matchmaking has always been the way it is now. I am not arguing for changing quick play so that you can only queue up as hunter or monster, I am arguing for changing quick play so that you can queue up as hunter, monster, or no preference. Maybe I wasn’t completely clear about that.


That would be a good compromise.


That’s what ranked play is for. You will never get monster if you pick hunters and vice versa. The no preference option is silly. If you feel like monster for a few games, pick monster. If you feel different and want some hunter action then go over to hunters. No preference just confuses the system.

It already is like that, unless you mean take away the specific hunter preference? Literally a terrible idea.

Quickplay is not meant to be serious. It’s meant to be casual and fun. What isn’t fun is being stuck in a role you don’t want. It takes a different skillset to play medic well compared to assault or trapper. If you don’t get your role it’s not fun for some people. For example as a medic you can expect to be focused by the monster, some people may not like this. If they changed quickplay this game will die. If people don’t get their exact role they will not be happy. A big reason why the original Evolve was hurt was because of matchmaking penalties for leaving and not getting the role you wanted.

What if someone is trying to elite a certain hunter and they get placed as another hunter? Will they be happy in wasting 10-15 mins of there time not doing what they want? There are countless other examples to further my point, but the gist of it is, a lot of people don’t want to queue as “Hunter” they want to queue as support/medic/assault/trapper.

If you don’t like quickplay go play ranked. Or if just keep leaving lobbies until you get a lobby you like. It’s not complicated folks.


eh the change to hunt 2.0 i think ruined the game before, leave it as it is, with norm/ranked thats all we need.


Yeah no I never said anything about removing class preferences, I just proposed making it so that people who don’t want to play monster don’t get placed as monster, and people who don’t want to play hunters just get placed as hunters. Literally, just that, no other changes.

That is part 1 of the problem we have been discussing.

That is part 2. Leaving lobbies leads to less fun for the other people in the lobby. A fairly simple (in concept of course, probably not in implementation) change could prevent a lot of that.

Uh. Pretty sure the Hunt 2.0 update was actually the update that split the game into normal and ranked. So the thing that you say “ruined the game” is the thing that created the status quo you are now defending. Prior to hunt 2.0 it was the single queue that works like Hunt does now. The only change from Hunt 2.0 is that now the quick play queue doesn’t include non-Hunt game-modes, and nobody in here has proposed reintroducing those, that I can remember.


Hmmm Is it really that simple? Because that’s basically what ranked does. That could be exactly what you are looking for.


I dunno. Since the release of Stage 2, I’ve been put as my No 5 preferred role only once. Not that big of an issue to me, but I do have to agree that having my party member on the opposite side when we wanted to hunt together is a drag.


I really hope they don’t leave it like this and gets changed when it hits consoles. I am a hunter player only. I suck at monster and I just dont like the feel to it but anyway, I think it would reduce the amount of people quitting since no one really likes being put in a role they hate to play.


Just made 2 new friends playing evolve. They strongly evade playing as monster against each other if 1 was unfortunately chosen. I’ve no issues if i got chosen to play monster, but then they didn’t want me to play monster either.

i have no choice but to get out of the game before it starts

because they got used to my tracking skills as Griffin :stuck_out_tongue: