Keep getting placed in the middle of a losing game tonight


Have to alt-tab and quit to avoid the timeout penalty, but the time spent still adds up, and is getting quite annoying :frowning: There needs to be a much greater deterrent for rage-quitting, and an option to not join games in progress.


People wouldn’t rage quit so much, if they required, or had a separate option for people, for mics. because i’m not going to sit there pinging trying to ask for assistance.


Bear with it for a little while people.Keep practising until a Ranked mode comes.That’s when everyone will have to show skill.Right now stats don’t mean much.Even if you have 500 looses and 200 wins you are still 1st in Leaderboards because the second one has 0 looses and 199 wins :smile:

So yeah just be patient until the rank comes.Also even if you loose that game in the next one you will prolly begin with your 1st preferance.


Is this cofirmed because I would love that??


The ranked?Yes it is.


I actually don’t use the Leaderboards at all. For me it’s more the principle of the thing; I’ve gotten rolled fair and square, but gave as good as I got and had fun doing it. Getting thrown into a Stage 1 Kraken or Wraith with a single skill isn’t even worth the effort.