Karken CC fix before the challenge?


Was wondering if the devs planned on fixing krakens cc bug. It would be nice if the kraken didnt have an overwhelming advantage over hunters when you offer up a skin challenge for him. Doesnt that also take away from the “challenging” part?

Free skin for karken players this weekend otherwise.


I highly doubt it, there’s not even a micropatch scheduled for before the challenge, and I’m pretty sure to fix the real bugs with kraken they would need a title update, which takes much longer than their micropatches.


THey’ve said that the hotfixes are at minimum fortnightly things, so no hotfix this week unless they’re secretly running two hotfix schedules (which would be CRAZY from a QA point of view)


So i guess theyre only allowing this unfair one sided fist fight just because we will get a medic challenge next week for the full medic predator skin pack and fall short of that one too :slight_smile: