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Monsters are suppose to be very strong against a pub team.


No at Stage 1 the Hunters have the Advantage and they should. The Monster should be scared to fight at Stage 1. He still has a chance but the Monster should not be able to kill all Hunters at Stage 1.


Not at all true, dont know how else to put it.


Please explain to me how.


Yes, hunters have the advantage at stage one. But if the hunters are just a random group of people who don’t communicate at all or well enough that is fighting a monster that knows what they’re doing, then don’t expect to have an advantage over the stage one.


Trust me Monster are OP get a good team together where you guys are all communicating and you are all doing your job it becomes very difficult as monster. If anything monsters need some sort of a buff. I am on team nDG and our monster hardly ever beats us. Hunters have so many good perks and so much sustain it makes the monster have to use too much of his health to get a strike. UNLESS the Hunters make a mistake, which shouldn’t be the case.


I don’t think so.


Lmao. You’re kidding right? I’ve won and lost games at stage 1 as monster. A crappy team will lose stage one


I understand that but I play with teams most of the time and I know we are not the best Hunters but we are not stupid and know how to use are tools at the right time and we still get shit on. Say what you want but its still a problem that needs to be dealt with.


the thing is, to be decent at hunters you need to have alot more knowledge of the game. Monsters can just jump in and pubstomp but hunters need to coordinate,cut,dodge,manage jetpack etc. to get anything done.

This is not an easy game to get into as hunter is suggest watching streams and getting a team together and practise


The new dome time, and fixing ft3 means monsters need a chance stage 1, they can’t be defenseless, otherwise it’s a guaranteed 5:00 of game time, or monster is losing health, and in a game where the idea is health for strikes, the monster needs power stage 1.

That means more skilled monsters will have a easier time stage 1.

It’s a mechanic to fix the ft3, which I assure you, I’d rather be fighting stage 1 monsters, then 40 min games against legacy wraiths.


Well the quick play matchmaking is not factoring player skill. I suggest ranked but theres not much of a playerbase there yet


So were meant to be cannon fodder – yeah time for a new game then.


wow these threads are back again? LOLOL

The real problem is teamwork on the hunters part on top of being new IIRC.

Nothing new here folks


Well… Stage 2. Im a new player myself but i don’t complain about imbalance. Mostly because i know that games (especially if there are classes) will always feel unbalanced for new players. People just need to get some patience and learn the game.


This is already in the game…both Hank and Sunny provide shields. If you have Hank or Sunny on the team and you still want more shields, then you need to find better support players or find teammates who know how to dodge.


I have lost game even after being stage 3 wraith ,and have also mascaraed hunters as stage 1 too . It all depends on hunters . Well played hunters are op even if they don’t communicate .


Oh. As a gold monster I feel that monsters are little bit up. Only Wraiths decoy and Gorgon feels bit too strong. I have played over 1000 hours and I assure it’s struggle against high skill teams to down even one hunter. You just need to Party with people, be patient, learn, pick your fighting places and learn to Dodge. GL and HF.


I tell you that Monsters are NOT OP. The issue here is that this game is not pick-up and play, not all hunters synergize, communication is key, and properly perking your hunters will allow you to move freely in combat. You need to learn the game. Let’s put in different terms. Imagine you are playing an MMORPG. You have a number of different people who take part, but among them are the high-end Raiders who cooperate and work together, train together, and play together all the time. These high-end Raiders take on the game’s hardest content and constantly practice to prefect their technique. Now imagine that each high-end Raid boss they face is player controlled. – TAHDAH, that is Evolve.