[Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



What does sending things in mean?


Thanks! I’m really excited though. Been trying to get my own place for ages. I finally have a job that will let me sustain myself a bit. It’s exciting times!

And @Rapterror , that means a few things. First, I am commissioning the art, so I gotta send proper payment for the awesome work Shika does. In the case of Kali, I intend to pay quite a lot because of how complex/detailed this one is gonna be (that’s the main reason I am waiting. Gonna get stable after the move, then have spending money later). Second, I have a giant document with everything adaptation related that I sort through to give her maximum references to make the art. That part is ready to go!


Oh okay, cool.


The biggest regret i have of Evolve is the unfinished story.

I know everything is sort of already revield but it is unsatisfying.

I would even go as far to say Evolve had better ingame character development then the mighty Overwatch because even after 1 year since it was halted , im still invested in them.

I want to know what happens to hyde.

Did Torvald ever get his vengence?

Does Cabot ever forgive himself for his wife’s death.

Maggie ? Sunny ? Lennox ? Jack ?

I want to know all their stories and what happend to them. I wanted them to be fleshed out and given each their own character.

Even the monsters . Wouldnt it be cool if they found one monster with intellegence (Since the monster were peacefull and intelectual creatures before they were nuked.) ?

A goliath that tries to reason with the humans but gets slaughtered for betraying his kind.

Even thought it is impossible, I have the faintest hope in the back of my head that TRS or some good passionet(Non-greedy like EA) team will one day announce Evolve 2 and it will become a cult classic.


Me trying to wake up the Evolve reddit :


Hyde: He goes half-monster Kala-style. He also gets Daisy, and leads a herd of Monster-Men years after Evac on Shear.

Torvald: No.

Cabot: I don’t recall him ever blaming himself.

Maggie: Dies early.

Sunny: Helps stop the monster invasion and lives.

Lennox: Dies early.

Jack: Becomes a Monster-Man with Hyde.

Intelligent Goliath: Literally impossible, they all have one shared conscience that we can’t even begin to understand do to their alien physiology and physics.


I know all that, but like i said, the half assed lore throw was unsatisfying.


I wanted all that to be told ingame.


hahah… Get it… Hot… Flamethrower… Hyde… sigh~



Too bad. Welcome to real life. Live with it like everyone else does.


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I find that conversation quite funny.
Ahem, let’s not go too deep into the off-topic.

Any news about Kali?


Rudeness invites more rudeness. That is also real life. :thinking::100:

But yeah give me Kali or I stop playing your game @Takran


It would’ve been funnier if Hyde was in anyway attractive. :wink:


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Thanks for working on this. Just like your monster origin theory thread, this is really great stuff.


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I know. I have weird taste. Shh.