[Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



Oh man that reminds me, while Torvald’s adaptation had no development yet, I had a great idea for his kit and aesthetic based on some scraped metamorphosis mechanics. :smiling_imp:

I’ll get to him later though. He’ll be in the mostly fan designed category, so it’ll be a while.


@Torvald_Stavig would be proud of you



when Gimli fights the Titans



can you estimate how long kali will take?


No clue. The best answer I can give is “as soon as I save enough money to give shika an appropriate commission” plus it’ll depend on her availability too.

Like I said, I have something special in mind, so this will probably take longer than most.


I even made a post on the 2K forums basicly begging them to ket TRS just finish kali


There’s no chance they will ever let the team work on the game again…even if it would be for bug fixes. 2K have the rights and I’m afraid that they would listen to no one from the TRS community.


this is suprisingly theraputic


I haven’t paid attention to the code on WarBucket’s chest. What does it mean?


There was some unreadable code on the concept art and it was half covered, so instead of trying to recreate it we took a code off the side of the Laurie-Anne to keep with the theme!


That’s quite smart.


Many thanks.


necrosis repetus


You don’t need to rez this thread whenever it goes silent. Let Takaran and Shika work their magic in their own time. It’ll happen.


Indeed! I mysteriously lurk in the shadows, waiting to update my threads. :smiling_imp:


Any ETA on Kali? It’s been awhile.


I haven’t had a chance to send things in since I’m in the middle of moving. As soon as I’m settled in I plan on sending it out!


Moving? Damn. That might be one of the worst things to deal with #fwp wise, anyway.

I hope I never have to move again.