Kala's videos in the video gallary are missing!


Kala’s videos in the video glary are missing. I don’t see her “basic video” or “advanced video” when I go to the support videos. It just stops at Sunny’s videos. Just thought I would let yall know. And If u guys see them, plz let me know. BTW I play on PS4 and idk if that might be a reason.


She doesn’t have videos in-game, and this has been asked and answered multiple times in the past, use the search function before making a thread, her tutorial videos were uploaded to youtube separately so as to not make the game files any larger than needed

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Damn ninjas >_<


Kala’s tutorial videos weren’t added in the patch to reduce the download size. They plan on removing all the tutorial videos at some point.

I’ll close this thread if your question has been answered adequately. :wink:

Let me know.


lol, sorry, I’m new to these forms. I didn’t know. and that sux that her vids aren’t in the game. Thnx tho :grinning:

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