Kala's Teleporters


Rather than having the portal symbol on both the Red and Purple ones, just have the portal symbol on the one you can go through. I think It’ll make it a bit easier and clearer to tell which is which from afar.


You can go through both, though. You just can’t go back through the one you just exited, unless you wait fifteen seconds OR replace the pad you exited via.


I wouldn’t call it an exploit. It’s not even that sneaky. You just put another one down.

Exploit makes it sound like a cheaty thing, when it’s really not.


You’re right, although it IS technically abusing the system. I’ll edit.


I’m like 99% sure that it is intended. I mean, why would they allow it otherwise? She’s not a new character, and they did internal testing. They must know that it exists. If they saw it as abuse, they’d have changed it, I feel.

But regardless, back to the topic:

As Rapterror said, they’re more open ended than that.