Kala's teleporters are unreliable


First, Behemoth incapacitated me inside pad. Second time I managed to go through teleport, but half second after that Wraith abducted me back and incapacitated me.


First of all, that’s not “Nuff said”, if you want them to fix a bug you’re reporting, then you need to give actual details as to what happened besides the bare minimum

Second of all, it was probably just the lag comp having its normal issues, not an actual bug


Well if you’re going to be like that then this thread is unnecessary. You havn’t provided any maps, locations, console or anything. How do you expect this to be fixed if you just say "I was abducted in a teleporter.

Cause that makes sense.

  1. Please refrain from inappropriate remarks. Just because the DCs and CTDs haven’t been fixed as of yet doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to fix them.

  2. If you want a bug fixed you have to be specific, provide platform, map, latency, region, etcetera.

Giving the most basic of bug reports won’t help bugs be fixed. You want it fixed? Then help get it fixed. Don’t just state there’s a problem, make a snarky comment, and leave as that doesn’t help anybody.


I’m going to request again that you formulate a response in such a way that is helpful to the topic of the thread, otherwise simply do not reply at all.


Let’s keep this on topic, this is a bug report after all. Although I have to say, the more info the better :slightly_smiling: