Kala's Teleporter Mastery Bonus


Okay so Siren Missiles get +10 seconds added to their lifespan.

The Armor Reducer gets +10 something but I can’t remember, capacity %? Either way it made sense when I looked.

But I can’t figure out what +10 seconds means for her Teleporter?

Because as I look at the possibilities they don’t seem good.

+10 seconds on active time until you can return? Longer to arm? Ten more seconds to kiss your butt goodbye as half of you gets ported?

Does anyone know what it means? I’ve tried asking but I think it got buried in the Kala thread…


I’m pretty sure it’s a typo and it reduces the time it takes to go back through a teleporter after someone goes through it. Whether it’s also second based or % based I’m not sure. However, I think it was just a typo that ended up in the final build.


Ah okay. That makes sense then and with that it would help to save the Kala Player from replacing the pads to “Cheese” the cooldown on the return trip.

Okay well if that really is the case then that settles it then. Thank you.


No worries :slight_smile:


Still keeping an eye on your for the sake of the AlbeenoGerlerith…



let’s nuke the thread.


Well can we Nuke your profile pic?



:joy: hahaha :slight_smile: