Kala's Teleporter,does it transport you anywhere randomly or is there an exit portal need placing?



Just curious if you have to place 2 teleporters down 1 to move the other where you’ll be transported too or is it a random local you get moved too?


There are two portals.


Ok cool seems logically wasn’t sure!


Let’s wait till Thursday, shall we?


So could you teleport your teamates from within the dome out the dome leaving just the monster in there lol?

ultimate trolling if you could ha!


Technically yes, but the dome would come down.


Not if the trapper didn’t go in no?


Yeah, but your then asking your Trapper to die.


I’m thinking if we can make evolve portal 3…


What if you had Laz and the exit portal was only 20m from the dome? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You misspelled “Tuesday”.


It’s actually Wednesday


PC and NA PS4 get it Wednesday. Everyone else gets it Tuesday.


But by thursday, everyone would have played her already :wink:

but yeah, made a mistake. English isn’t my native language, and I tend to mix Tuesday and Thursday up


Where does it say that? All I’ve seen is Jan 27th

@LordDerp Thursday TRS will stream Kala gameplay cause their PCs should be upgraded by then. That’s why they didn’t show any yesterday. So it’s all good :slightly_smiling:


@Angry_gamer88 did you get your answer? If yes, may I close this :)?


Question appears to be answered!