Kala's Reason for going to Shear [THEORY]


As we all know Kala will be on stream today in some shape or form so I’m going to lay my theory down before that happens.

Some forumites believe Kala Kapur is splicing her DNA with the Monsters and as such is going to get more samples. I doubt this theory. In the recent lore text written by the lovely @Matthew himself, Kala is approached by a mysterious woman who refuses to reveal her name to Kala. She offers her all the specimens and tools she would ever need in her research, so why would Kala be risking her life on Shear? Good question.

Kala is going to get samples of the only Monster she doesn’t have samples of. The Monster with no name. Matthew writes:

This shows that there is a Monster on Shear that we have no knowledge of at this time and perhaps never will. In the old audio teasers for Kala she talks about going to Shear because there’s a Monster that she has no live samples of.

Kala is going to Shear to find this Monster, the one that took out Chapel colony, the one without a name, the only one that she has no live samples of.

Perhaps this Monster could even be the one that slew the Ajax or at least, the one of a kind that did like a adaptation of Kraken or something.


Also, her going to Shear to get samples of the monster with no name makes sense. The lady did name ALL of the monsters by name. Including Gorgon…


probably tier 6 monster, but who knows. it will be excited to see her in her Monstrous glory.


It’s a conversation split up in three parts. She is talking about Gorgon.


That’s what everyone thinks but the mysterious woman names every Monster by name including offering samples of all known Monsters including Gorgon.

In the audios she states Gorgon’s name when talking about secret files but in another she doesn’t name the one that took out Chapel colony and said there are no samples of that Monster.

We thought she was talking about Gorgon but she’s really talking about this unnamed Monster, the only one unknown to us.


come on TRS, i know, it’s time to post that michael jackson cinema pop corn gif to keep us in doubt if we are going through the right path or simply these theories do not fit at all and to make us think that you are planning something HUGE for us SoonTM but at the same time let us think that you maybe aren’t planning anything for a while… the paradox of hype Sad Bob Face


This is my thinking process.


In her back story it never said that they had samples of all the monsters. They was just showing her pics of all the the ones they have seen. And said they has some specimens. Meaning not all.

In the audio teaser, Kala specifically says that gorgon wiped out chapel a class three colony, she’s going to shear because that’s the only monster she doesn’t have a sample of.


The woman promised any and all samples she would need to crack the issue of Monsters.

False. In one audio she mentions that Gorgon is “a Monster of hideous strength”.

It’s in another audio that she is going to Shear because a Monster she has no samples of destroyed Chapel Colony.

Never once does she specifically say it was Gorgon. Also, she already has Monster samples and she already knows of Gorgon and her name. This new Monster is still a mystery.


[quote=“CursdFoxCodeman, post:2, topic:81304, full:true”]https://media3.giphy.com/media/ffJiLLtCk5Am4/giphy.gif

What do you mean “why”? She clearly states (if you had bothered reading the story) that if Kala knew her name then certain people would consider her a target. Seems like the mystery woman’s identity is wanted by certain dangerous types and if Kala knew who she was then Kala would become wanted by them as well so that she could reveal who mystery lady is.


I did read the story. It was just a joke. Calm down there killer :grin:.


She actually refers to two unknown monsters.

“This one.” and “Another one.” each referring to unknown monsters.


Huh, I kinda assumed it was only one Monster since they only refer to one Monster as not having a name however she pointed out one that’s apparently 10m tall and said that’s not the tallest one, no Monster we have is 10 meters so that could help support (hehe) the idea of two Monsters.


Try to ask yourself “why” would she go to shear for that sample and not for “what”. I mean, that monster must have something particularly important to bring her to Shear.

Think it like this: mmm we have super man on Factor and Saitama on Shear… lets go to Shear and get that sample.


Obviously I’m all for a new monster, but I disagree completely regarding Kala’s intentions. In “Kala’s Story” she is extremely upset at the people that ‘she’ let die. Her research is complete-- she managed to replicate the monster’s abilities and in doing so understands how they work firsthand.

In her story, when she discovers the atrocities the monsters have caused on outlying planets she is infuriated that she wasn’t told sooner and couldn’t do anything to save them.

She is on Shear because her research is complete, and she is ready to use her new powers to save Shear and destroy the monsters. She even says it: “How far would you go to stop these things? My fate is bound up with the monsters now…”


I’m basing the theory on the fact that there’s one Monster she has no samples of.


The only way I can see this being an ulterior motive for her is that perhaps she DID have that mental break that the woman foreshadowed. If that’s the case the only reason I can see her wanting those samples now would be a selfish one, to become stronger.

Doesn’t seem to be the direction this is taking though, unless they make a canon Kala adaptation for the new monster… That would be kinda cool but it would break the non-canon canon of the adaptations :laughing:

P.S. Based on her abilities she didn’t have Behemoth or Gorgon samples either it would seem


At least one.
I love your theory though, it could be true. Although I also think it’s a bit to help the colonists…maybe she saw something in “the monsters world” that influenced her to go to shear


I still think trs has a tier 6 planned. It would be extremely disappointing if Torvalds monster is just an adaptation.


Why would that be disappointing? T6 is unconfirmed so it’s not planned.

Personally I believe that Torvald’s Monster would be better as an adaptation, maybe.