Kala's Level 3 Teleporter Mastery is Unobtainable



It simply doesn’t work. Regardless of health level or distance traveled, the counter remains at 0. Why do bugs like this get ignored for so long?


On console right?
If so, its not buggy you probably aren’t doing right. The way I did was have a friend play monster in custom mode on Aviary. Put one teleport pad on the furthest end of the map. Have the monster HIT you into the teleport pad and do that as many times as you need and you’ll get it eventually.


Pride! And the sense of accomplishment, are all the reward you need!

I went to the trouble of turning off automatic updates, putting Steam in offline mode, and even pulling the ethernet cable before the update hit just to make sure I could finish eliting Rogue Val before the change happened.

Anyway, Aquaman6686, MaddCow has a couple of videos on youtube showing a way to farm it solo. One and two (full match)

Good luck, even with that as a guide, it’s still a pain in the ass (stupid medics just don’t understand you don’t want to be healed).


Everything I’ve read about Stage 2 sounds overwhelmingly negative to me. It sounds like they took everything away that made the game great, and now it’s just two-minute matches with no strategy or fun.


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