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Is Kala's Armor Reducer totally useless?
Hey there!
Kala's beam does direct health damage?

How long do the Siren Missiles mines last?

and do pads stay open for a period of time or they have to get destroyed to do that?


Anybody else know this? I’ll upload the video later.

Me and a couple of friends were testing with Elder Kraken an we found out that 1 full beam charge does 2 health bars damage with the 400% arena bonus with capacity. Wow!



Wait it does that much? I knew it took health but…

Did you use Capacity? Damage increase? A mix of both with Perks and Buffs?

If no on any/all of those…

Fucking hell…

We need to launch a preemptive strike with the Nerf Nukes!


I believe someone mentioned this yesterday? That it does health dmg .-.
Not sure if intended but yeah it does…


That was with 400% on arena with Capacity


Oh wait… With the 400% Bonus Damage…

Well ya shoulda said first thing.

Shit… I was about to flip the hell out.

I mean that’s not much anyhow unless the Monster is really that weak in the game.

I guess we can disarm the Nerf Nuke Silos…

######Dang it…


I mentioned it in the PS4 French stream. It deals a very miniscule damage but I’m glad it does something. I really don’t see a problem with it.


Sorry uh… Idk why I mentioned that.

But yeah I was pretty sure I saw someone say something on the forums last night, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Which means that she is someone that can bypass the armor on her own like Crow, and can kill a dying Monster by herself.

I think she is really dangerous and will set a new meta, which will raise questions about Cabot.


Alright guys, here it is!


Sir, the nukes are armed!!! They’re firing!!!

Oh God… They’re headed straight for every Medic… The humanity!!!

Oh wait… They only hit Sunny sir!!! The day is saved!!!

Sunny jet boost is always 100%

Yeah it does like 50-75 DPD really small.


Lazarus might be caught in the blast wave though…


I think you skipped quite a bit of info here friend…


Yup. It deals damage for a couple reasons.

1 - It needs to deal damage so that the monster’s health bar gets triggered to show up for the Hunters. Before we added the damage, you could beam the monster and you couldn’t tell where the armor was at because the bar would be hidden until someone else shot it.

2 - Sometimes as Kala you bring the armor down and your teammates don’t get an opportunity to capitalize on it. In those instances, it felt better to get a little something for your trouble so we allow a little damage to be dealt. You could have been shooting banshee missiles after all. The beam won’t do nearly as much damage as banshee missiles, but it’s better than nothing!


I heard it does damage too. But only when the monster doesn’t have armor…does it also do damge when monster has armor?


I was thinking that, otherwise once the monster has no shield it becomes useless. This way at least you can dial some damage directly to him.


Awesome! So it can also be used to release a pounced team mate instead of switching weapons?


I would think so. I know there is a damage threshold value that must be passed before the pounce will be stopped though. There is a possibility that it might take a second or two before it hits that value.