Kala's beam


Is it possible that kalas bean could make the monster’s abilities unusable for a short period of time? This would fit in with the other abilities, maybe she can use her monster abilities to mess with the monster.


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Dr. Kala Kapur is an expert on Monster biology and has spliced their DNA into her own genome in order to control the Monsters’ abilities and use them in battle.



An improvement on Kraken technology, these airborne missiles home in on nearby enemies. When placed on the ground, they become more powerful, slower moving homing mines


An improvement on Wraith technology, these pads create rifts that allow teammates to move instantaneously from one part of the map to another;


Using Goliath’s armor technology, the Armor Reducer shoots a beam which temporarily eliminates the Monster’s armor. The armor quickly regenerates once the beam connection breaks.


Its a Armor Reducer already confirmed


If you do dot dmg while the monster is hit with the armor beam when the armor comes back will you still do hp dmg? Doubt it but just wondering


That’s a good question.


Most likely not. Otherwise if you have 0 armor and get a dot and eat it would still do HP, it doesn’t.


Quick gameplay video showing Kala in action (PS4 here in EU got access early)

Once Behemoth’s armour was gone I just switched to siren bomb attacks, the armour reduction is going to be useful with an attacking hunter team, you can how fast va monsters armour goes with beam on.

Positioning the teleport pods with each trigger took a while to master but you can see how effective it was by the final moments.


The Armor Reducer seems to be time based instead of damage based. I figured as much, given the nature of it. Not sure how I feel about that. Glad it doesn’t last long, though. Seems to also have a long-ish recharge, which is also good. The Siren Missiles have a reload period. Weird, I figured they’d be unlimited or one-shot like Mini Nuke or Rail Cannon, just slower. Might have to run reload on Kala instead of capacity, which is a nice change from all Supports (except Bucket) previously running capacity to get that extra “oomph” in their utility. Teleports are different than I expected. Can’t be spammed, but also seem to be two-way. Don’t know how the timing works yet, so I’ll have to get that down.

Glad you posted this video. I now have some semblance of strategy for use. So much want for her now, but sadly, I’m on PC and have to wait for Wednesday. :sob:


Yup teleports pads work two way which is handy. You drop one with right trigger and the exit pad with left, they do seem to last until you reuse them, you can drop one and position the other some distance away. Pretty sure Behemoth took out a pad as well breaking the links.

The Siren missiles look as though the tech in the arm charge or ‘generate’ the shots hence the recharge.

The armour reducer takes the monster’s armour down almost instantly and holds for a few seconds allowing direct health damage. If duration was longer or recharge shorter it would leave monsters at an over disadvantag IMO so feels just right.


I figured she’d have to charge each missile, but the rapid fire suits me just fine, especially with how short the reload is.

Yeah, I can’t play her just yet. Soon, though. Glad the Reducer feels balanced. I did see how quickly armor went away and was impressed, because I was fully expecting it to take more than two seconds. Maybe it won’t get hit too hard in the next balance patch.


okay. my observations

Siren missiles
looks around 100 damage per missile
might be about 150-200 when charged on ground
max 6 in world (as mines or when fired). last one place is destroyed like deployables
4 capacity (6 with capacity)

Armor Reducer
40m range
Seems to require more capacity while “armor is removed” than without (think red/green ammo on repulsor)
While health is vulnerable, deals estimated 50-75dps.

Two teleporters. one orange, one purple.
5sec arm time
0 delay between teleports (meaning you can run through the same entrance multiple times in a short time. this was confirmed by a daisy AI playing ring around the rosy with the teleporters)

  • makes sense to allow multiple players to go through at a time
    monster melee’s seem to destroy the teleporter in 1 hit
    placement order of teleport pads is unknown for pc.

the 15sec “cooldown” seems to be the time required for a portal to change states and also seems to be proximity based, however it can’t be confirmed until tested more directly as this may not be the case. it could simply be a literal cooldown, but only for the exit side (meaning you can’t re-enter the portal you came out of immediately, but you can enter the other freely still)


So far, love playing as kala. It’s a fun load out, should be strong against monsters that don’t want to engage as they will take some health damage guaranteed if they are found, so the “flee til three” strategy will be less viable against her.

I could see her being annoying to play against. It will be interesting to see how the teleport pads will effect hunt mode. A well placed pad could be VERY annoying for a monster that thinks he’s duked the hunters, startles some birds, only to have the whole team on his arse in a matter of seconds.


hate to be the one to say it but it looks like the armour reducer is even less of a reason for monsters to fight at stage 1 and inf act might force even stage 2 monsters to mitigate for entire domes


I disagree. If you try and mitigate you’re going to take health damage and not hurt the hunters at all. Which means the dome is a loss for you. by the time you are ready to attack you could potentially be on 50% health with no strikes.


What I like about it is that its useless if the monster is commiting for an attack. Since the armour comes back afterwards the total time to kill remains exactly the same. which means that it will punish monsters that flee in domes or try and hit and run but is essentially countered by an aggressive monster.


I’m concerned that the teleporters will allow the hunters to leave the dome and trap the monster, any news on that?


When trapper leaves the dome, it drops.


What dupalec said. The dome drops after 10 seconds if the Trapper leaves the dome.


Agreed. Its going to be fairly useless in arena but fucking awesome on hunt and defend. Especially defend. Teams damage plus turrets.


How long does the armor reducer last? Because I’m still not liking idea of it. Imagine a stage one gorgon or wraith domed. And then kala with an armor reducer. Seems brutal to me