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Is our new support OP, UP, or somewhere delightfully in between?

My thoughts on Kala (Not OP)
Kala is she OP?
Kala to good?
Kala's Op? Or not?
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Kala Balance

Im not the Girl who make OP Thread ( just about Kraken because its Kraken lol ) but i think her Armor Reducer is kinda OP look at the damage i hv make trough the Armor this is to crazy O.O


armor reducer isnt op since its only lasts for few sec (2-3 sec?) with capacity maybe 4-5 i dont know. You have to perfect time it with your team to get good damage


It’s also useless once the Monster has no armour so…


Monster player was really bad.

What I find stupid with that thing is that it entirely removes Monster’s ability to make a comeback.


So does Crow.


I don’t think it’s OP. I think the Monster should have hit Lennox a few times to keep some of the damage off, but not overpowered.


yeah if u just hv 1 health bar and they hv kala u cant win the match anymore because ur new armor is done easy


I don’t believe the Armor Reducer is OP. You are just a damn good Lenny who could keep up the multiplier.

P.S. Dat “subscribe” ending though lol


Well, to be fair, if they got you down to one bar, you weren’t doing that well anyways.


not entirely true. it deals small damage.

these were my observations from last night

okay. my observations

Siren missiles
looks around 100 damage per missile
might be about 150-200 when charged on ground
max 6 in world (as mines or when fired). last one place is destroyed like deployables
4 capacity (6 with capacity)

Armor Reducer
40m range
Seems to require more capacity while “armor is removed” than without (think red/green ammo on repulsor)
While health is vulnerable, deals estimated 50-75dps.

Two teleporters. one orange, one purple.
5sec arm time
0 delay between teleports (meaning you can run through the same entrance multiple times in a short time. this was confirmed by a daisy AI playing ring around the rosy with the teleporters)

  • makes sense to allow multiple players to go through at a time
    monster melee’s seem to destroy the teleporter in 1 hit
    placement order of teleport pads is unknown for pc.
    -both portals are entries, however, when exiting a portal, that portal you exit from will ONLY be an exit for 15sec.


whats the recharge rate on armor reducer?


Am I’m the only one who thinks that’s op jesus. That’s a lot of damage to be ignoring armor, and that was a stage 3? Imagine a stage 1 with a smaller health pool, that would be more then half of there health gone.


i didnt get to time that as i went to bed xD (it was pretty late)


I don’t think the armor reducer does anything in Arena at all. It’s good in hunt because you can deal permanent health damage to the monster before it leaves, but in arena it won’t leave at all. So… it’s sorta useless in arena really.



But this is now going way further.


that was a lennox though. she deals some of the highest damage in the game


does it recharge fast or slow medium recharge?
and oh my lawd that with a orbital
wait support facepalm


I haven’t got the chance to touch her. Why does it do damage?


So it isn’t 100% useless later in a fight.

EDIT: only 90% useless.