Kala's armor reducer and dome time in general


So the dome now works differently. Instead of a set time it’s up for, that time can be altered based on several things that occur within the dome.

For instance, breaking the monsters armor, reduces the time the dome is up for by a minute.
If you do NO damage to the monster while it is domed, the dome duration lasts its full amount.

With this in mind, it brings me to Kala.

One of her ability’s is to strip the armor from a monster to expose it’s health.
It works by degrading its armor very quickly over a few seconds.
The only issue is, once the armor breaks for a LIMITED time, so too does the dome timer get cut.
If you break the monsters armor, then for whatever reason lose the established link to it with the armor reducer, then you lose an entire minute for no reason. Even worse is if you re establish the link as the monster is getting all its armor back, then you lose ANOTHER minute.
Using Kala’s ability in this manner, you can end the dome in an easy 20 seconds on average armored monsters.
Alot of people don’t realize how the new dome works. I’ve had to explain it more times than im comfortable with.
That it does not infact, last the full duration of four minutes or so. But it loses overall time based on things that occur to the monster.
So what im asking, is that Kala’s ability upon breaking through the monsters armor, does NOT reduce the overall time the dome is up for.
I had a Kala in one of my games, break the armor in such quick succession that the monster was in the dome for 10 seconds at least. We were left stunned at how fast the dome expire. Which is how i learnt about the new dome.

Which brings me to my next point.
Remove the dome timer reductions.

Some of them are just bad.
Especially if the monster can abuse this mechanic.
For instance, you lose your armor in the dome. cool, there goes most of the dome time.
Now, go kill and eat that wildlife trapped within the dome.
You have a tiny bit of armor again.
Break your armor, break the time, escape.

I understand that with elusive monsters like wraith, she can a void you for most of the time during the dome and get out free of damage, So now with the dome time, she has to evade for a good four minutes or so. Which is a very long time to not take damage.
But, who cares? In my game as wraith I was caught at lvl 1 by some very skilled positioning by the hunters.
Sadly for them, it was down by the sea where that shark looking creature had been washed up and slowly eaten.
Knowing full well if i attempted to fight back at lvl 1, it would be the end of me, i just spammed supernova, decoy, abduction and my traversal ability into the air and took overall maybe half my armor in damage.
It was along time to do it, but im sure it set the hunters teeth on edge and i didnt have to lose health.

My suggestions, for the new dome mechanic would be along the lines of:

Dont lose time when breaking armor. Perhaps the dome only loses time per life bar lost. Armor can be easily abused, especially since the monster can regen armor if it stays out of combat for a time.

Perhaps just go back to its old mechanic of lasting however long. If the monster is caught at level one so be it, either the monster wasn’t sneaky enough or the hunters were good at sectioning it off, either way it’s deserved.

PAUSE the game timer during a dome. As that also stops the hunters from evading and not damaging the monster. Leaving the monster with less time to evolve before the game auto ends.

These are just a few suggestions and something to chew on for the time. Ill add more if i can think of any.

Changing the way armor reducer works in domes

I don’t believe this is true. You don’t reduce dome time when you break the armor, you reduce dome time when you get health damage in, which for the record I believe is: 4% health damage at stage 1 reduces time by 1 minute, 6.5% at stage 2 reduces time by 1 minute, 8.5% at stage 3 reduces time by 1 minute. Those are approximately correct if not correct.


I disagree with everything you said here. The dome is far less toxic than it ever has and it doesn’t need changes.

As for what @AscendedOne said is correct. You lose dome time for health loss not armor removal.