Kala vs Goliath!


does kala give the opposing team an unfair advantage against Goliath? a couple of times I have played against a team with kala on their side, Where i stood a chance to avaid before id dont now, Its inevitable to set off birds, It cant be avoided, but you gain as much distance as you like and kala bridges that gap you spent so much effort making in the blink of an eye, If a trapper gives away your position such as crow with the yellow outline on the monster you are again screwed,

The screamer mines seem like she can put out as many as she likes, she adds a new dynamic to the game but is it a fair one? I can understand if she was against other creatures but Goliath is a lumbering idiot lol

Kracken can run, Behemoth roles and if gorgon swings he can move 150m without much effort at all ( compare that to Goliath = effort )


I know I’ve seen someone teleport to cut off a Goliath, and they were alone so Goliath destroyed the teleport and then pounced Kala. They were able to kill her before the team could get there.

So it does have some disadvantages, too.


well thats just a bad decision on the players part! Did the player not realise the team could go to? lol


The Goliath destroyed the portal before the rest of the team could also go through!


ah right, not a bad strategy on goliaths part I must use that, How can you tell where the portal will pop up next to you?


I mean there isn’t an icon or anything from the Monster’s POV, buy you can literally see the portal.
If you see it, destroy it. Or wait for a Hunter to come through it and ambush them.


Isnt there that weird sound? I must try figure that one out, If I cant it would make a big difference on certain maps


Pretty sure you can smell the portal, like any deployables.

Abe and Kala are great because his darts can be seen on the map. Anyone know if her Siren Mines can be killed with Flame Breathe, like Krakens Banshee Mines can be shot?


I don’t think you can smell the portal.

The limit is 6 and the standard amount without Capacity before she needs to “reload” is 5.
If you try to place more than 6 then the first ones will start disappearing.

To be honest, even though I’m normally all up for discussing the many flaws of my favorite Monster, I don’t think Kala hurts Goliath in particular more than the other Monsters.
Goliath is still good at burst damage (ignoring the fucking flying squid) and Kala, like every offensive Support, has no way to defend her teammates against that.
The teleporter pad? Should you come across it during one of your combos and destroy it, your target is absolutely screwed.

As for during the hunt itself… 90% of Kala players will place a teleporter pad near the center of the map. Should you come across it just destroy it immediately before they can use it.
Boom - advantage nullified. Now they’ll have to go the long way.


Surprisingly no, they can’t be smelled.


I find it easy to avoid being cut off by Kala. Know which areas you’ve been in. When running head one way, then sharply head in a different direction. Go to a part of the map you haven’t visited, and throw in some sneaking if you can. If you see a teleporter, take it out to slow them down.


Can’t smell portals,and yes sirens can be destroyed with flame.


That’s weird!!! I wonder why.


I hope that’s just a bug. You should be able to smell them. It’s cool you can break missles though.


You can see a flash through walls when someone uses a portal nearby. I like that you can’t sniff them. They die in 1 melee as compensation.


Ya I don’t see anything Goliath specific here. Just usual tactics and counter measures are available.


I did this yesterday on Fusion Plant!

Sit down children and I will tell you a tale of a great battle.

Joined a game and took over the bot of a stage 1 goliath with very little health left. I was luckily able to sneak around a bit and stage up with no problem. Sweet, a bit more health and damage. I got caught in a dome where I discovered they had Kala on their team. Shit. I mitigated damage the best I could and just waited the dome out since I wanted to go check for health regen perk. But my health was still very low at the end of the dome.

No health regen. I head back towards the relay and suddenly spot one of Kala’s teleporters. I move towards it, not really sure if I should destroy it or wait for a lone hunter to pop out of it. Before I have time to think Kala pops out of it! I fire my flamebreath from a distance to destroy the portal and keep Kala visible if she should try to cloak. I rock throw her and finish her off with a leap smash before her team has a chance of getting there. They arrive shortly after I’ve downed her. She’s still alive.

I fight for my life. My armor is dwindling as I fight off the rest of the hunters. I finish the medic off, and afterwards just barely manage to hit the trapper with a rock throw before he/she could revive Kala. Trapper goes down. The only one left is assault and I only have 2 armor bars left. I finish with a leap smash followed by a stealth pounce.

Best monster fight I’ve ever had. I’m usually a hunter player, so this really got the adrenaline flowing for me!


Ah, you again. I’ve seen you complaining against the playerbase before the thread was moved. >_>

Kala has no unfair advantages. The teleporting’s just good. And stop playing Goliath as much and play as Kraken if you want to win against Kala in online mode.


Yep it was moved, don’t like my posts? Don’t read them :stuck_out_tongue:

If I play as kraken I’m not playing with goliath so therefore this post head might be different. And there was nothing to complain about no body would complain and nothing changes, let’s just say it helps the world go around :wink:


There doesn’t seem to be many tips on YouTube about how to know where a portal might be or what sounds they make and close you might be to one. A demo of these things would be sweet especially for new players that don’t have dlc to play around with