Kala Tutorial?


So I’ve noticed this when Kala was first released, and it seems to still be the case.

When I go into my Video Gallery, under Support, I cannot find the Normal and Advanced tutorial for Kala.
I’m currently experiencing this on XboxOne, have not yet checked my PC version.

Does anyone at TRS know what the issue might be?

Kala's videos in the video gallary are missing!

Its not an issue , I’m pretty sure its on purpose.
Its on YouTube if you want to see it, but I think they said they’re removing tutorial videos from the game. Again I’m not for sure , I faintly remember reading it somewhere .


Yeah, it was on purpose, they wanted us to save as much space as posible.

Here’s the advanced :slightly_smiling:


The Kala tutorials won’t be in-game as all tutorials are being ripped out.


Ah, okay!

Thanks for the answers, @Buckets_Sentry_Gun, could you close the thread please?



I… Am the one who locks.