Kala Trapper Variation Idea!

Yesterday I was playing a game with Kala as the support, and she had a dialogue line that said something like:
“The monster is close! I can feel his anger” or something like that.
That got me thinking. If Kala can feel the presence of the monster, can’t she don the mantle of the trapper?

I mean think about it, her monstery monsterness gives her a connection to all the monsters. It would make sense for her to utilize that as a tracking ability.

Of course, to balance it, her Monster Senses™ can’t work across the whole entire map. Maybe give it like a radius that follows her as she moves, like Electro Griff’s spikes but a little bigger. Once the monster is within range, Trapper Kala would be able to see the outline of the monster much like Infravision. Might be too OP but I don’t know, I’m just spouting ideas.

I don’t have a clear idea of what her trapper abilities would be, but I’m just gonna shoot some from the top of my head:

  • Remove Planet Scanner for her. So far, two other classes have had a ton of hunters with out-of-the-norm class ability (Babot’s shield projectile vomit, Quaira’s special neutron barrier.) If Trapper Kala can sense where the monster is, she wouldn’t need PS, no? Plus, it’ll be like Legacy all over again :stuck_out_tongue:. Could be a passive, could be a toggle, I don’t know :no_mouth:
  • Tracking banshee missiles. Yknow how in Minecraft you can toss an Ender Pearl (or whatever) in the air and it’ll zoom to the location of where to the portal (or whatever) is? I think it’d be cool if Trapper Kala can shoot a lil missile up in the air and it’ll zoom to where the monster’s location is. Just an idea. Probably shouldn’t be spammable.
  • BIG FECKIN TIME PORTALS FOR THE MONSTER (lol idk I’m out of ideas.) Consider a Goliath charging at a teammate with low health. You intercept and place a giant portal in front of your teammate and the Goliath goes plunk and pops up like where it was 5 seconds ago or something (kinda like Tracer’s ability.) Medic heals your teammate and the monster wastes an ability. (I’m just spouting ideas so don’t take it too seriously lol.)

I can’t come up with anything for a Tracking Armor Reducer, so I’ll end it at this. Thoughts? Valid suggestion? Pure bullshit? Good fun? :smiley:


This will be her variant name, yes?

It’s dawn, my friend.

Full Definition of don
donned, donning
transitive verb
1: to put on (an article of clothing)
2: to wrap oneself in : take on 3a


That’s why I said dawn. Don won’t work I believe. Unless I’m missing something.

Errrr I switched the wording to “don the mantle” to fit the theme better