Kala Teleporter


Since we have no tutorial available at the moment, can someone please explain How Kala’s teleporter works? What do the colors mean and how do the entrance and exits work? What kind of cool downs are there?

I don't get how the teleport pads work
How Do Kala's Teleporters Work?

Both teleporters are exactly the same with only visual differences, they are two way teleporters, there’s a 5 second arm time and a 15 second reload until you can return through a portal, all four Hunters may consistently go through one portal but there must be a 15 second delay before the last teleport to allow for a return teleport.

A tier 6 is now more likely to happen

Orange = Entry Portal
Purple = Exit Portal

I’m pretty sure there is no cooldown on how much the hunters can use it


No defined exit and entry portal due to them both being entrance and exits. It’s a two way teleporter. There’s no difference in their functions.


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Shredder pretty much nailed the explanation. :smile:


If you exit the red, could you place another red to bypass cool down by 10 seconds?


Yes you can, same goes for purple. Replacing portals resets the timer allowing you to bypass 10 seconds.


Noice! Implementing this.


Thanks! This is what I was looking for.