Kala : Teleport Pad Elite Question


So, it’s been a while since I’ve played. New characters have come out, and I’ve started working on Elite-ing the hunters!

I’m on the third tier for Kala, and… I was curious about those Teleport Pads.
I think I’ve gotten an idea on how to farm 'em. But my question is : When it says that “Hunters must go through the teleporter at 50% health,” does that include everyone else, or can it be done with just Kala? ^^


It includes Kala and anyone else.

If you need to elite those teleporter pads here’s a video to help you out:

Courtesy of @MaddCow :smiley_cat:


It does include everybody, but it is a very tough mastery.

You must go through the teleporter at below 50% health while in a combat state (within 70 m of the monster and have traded damage within around 15 seconds of entering the portal).

The best way to farm this one is on defend. Place a portal at the monster spawn, then come back, let minions damage you, then teleport there and back as soon as the monster comes into range of your mines. Try to keep your health extra low so the medic doesn’t mess you up.

Or have friends help! That’s the optimal way.


I’m wondering what change for the mastery of the teleport pad.
In my game it add 10 seconds…But for what ?


No it’s not :joy:

I managed to farm this mastery in probably an hour because I forced the Monster to fight where I wanted it to and got an ez 500 distance each time… that is when it decided to count it that is.


This works well, did nest, 15 second dropship, goliath Laz-madmags-tor, movement speed, 40 minute timer, you can set strikes to 0 if you’d like instead of waiting to be picked up.

I played on armory, one pad on the north and one on the south, I stay on the south as it is easy to see the minion and monster cumming and that is fairly easy to run down hill. It’s also easier to kite the monster on the southern part of the map.

Took a few hours to do it.