Kala suggestion! :kala:


What if they make her have more than 4 abilities? Tell me what you think, as it is very possible that TTR would actually spice hunter gameplay like that!!! :cupcake:


What if they removed her teleports and granted her the possibility to instant teleport 1 hunter outside of the dome (including herself).

The downside to the ability is that it can only be used once per dome or have a very high cooldown.


Doesn`t make logical sense


Yep, let’s make 10 abils special for Kala, because she is not the easiest char to play /o/.


But it might be cool if they let her teleport on herself, like wraith…


Apart from being hard to play, she is underpowered, and it would make sense to push the limit of challenge even further for the more experienced hunters!


Kala =/= Underpowerd
This does not work anyhow.

Kala is under then not the Support with the Highest Damage output and is in addition (if synced) very strong with poking through armor.
It’s true she lacks Protection like other supports but besides that she is over the top.

Usually if I play Kala I always throw Teleportwe on the way so if it comes to the dome I got 1 outside and 1 inside.

And for my solution to “Fixing” her, just let the Teleporter have an Aura that provides shield.


More abilities =/= overpowered, you will need more skill to be able to use them, so you are not loosing value…


You seem like the typical person that has to fight for his Point of View to the last Drop of Blood.
Let me tell me put this in a kind way.

1.Kala won’t get special treatment with a 5th Skill this is not how Evolve has developed, maybe there will be a Hunter in distant future maybe not who knows.

2.You do not need more skill to press more Buttons this is just a bad Argument.

3.Not every Hunter can be Viable in every situation this is not how Balancing works, you should accept that Kala is weaker in some sitations and not call her Underpowerd for 1 BAD reason.

I hope I haven’t hurt your feelings to much, have a nice day.


You called me a stubborn and hope you didnt hurt my feelings? Well, you didnt, cause I am not a pussy. But, if you think Kala is not underpowered, you are just fanboying and not helping the situation…


Do you mean “more”? Because giving a Hunter 8 abilities is… Not the best balancing suggestion I’ve heard.


Why do you people need to go to the f*cking extremes every damn time!?
Of course not 8, you are just being toxic…


Not possible. Literally all buttons on gamepads are being used.

This is just a straight dumbing down and nerfed version of her teleporters.


Srew the controllers! JK, I think they will find a way to make this work…


True. Heck I was just saying something out of the blue. Probably the biggest reason people complain has to do with her teleports so yeah.

I’ll take my leave now (with my tail between my legs).


Actually, I just misread it. Guess I skim-read because I saw “4 more” and not “more than 4”. My bad.

But I would like to point out that your aggression is both unnecessary and unwanted so… Maybe tone it down? We’re all friends here.


Well, it was just a response, so…my tone was appropriate for the situation.


You were being hostile. You could have easily replied with “No, I don’t mean 8 abilities, that’s a little extreme, don’t you think? I only mean one or two more.” Same message, but a lot more civil. And swearing at someone and calling them toxic is seldom “appropriate”.


Ok, well, firstly, we now know that I made a mistake, so I wasn’t even talking about your idea, I was talking about what I thought was your idea, but wasn’t.

Secondly, I didn’t make fun of anything. I simply asked if:

Because I thought you said you wanted 4 more abilities, but thought you might have meant 4 different ones (i.e rework) and then I expressed disagreement with that idea… That wasn’t your idea.

And thirdly, no.[quote=“CactiSpike, post:19, topic:101337”]
you clearly deserved a toxic response

This is possibly the worst attitude you could possibly have when replying to someone.


I think she’d be a lot more straight foward and less reliant on extreme coordination if she could select a hunter from afar and teleport him at will to somewhere nearby. That’d be a unique mechanic to avoid damage where the caracter itself doesn’t get shields, like sunny’s jet boost. The cooldown should be long, tho. It’d be great for when a monster wall someone on a bad spot, for example.

Would also give the extremely satisfying feeling to the Kala player of controling her realocation ability as currently you just placed it down and hope your mates will get to it.