Kala Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


After playing her for some hours she feels very strong here are some I noticed would help

  1. Place a beacon in center of map when you drop … when you find out which direction monster is heading you can cut monster off of by teleporting back to center , use you cloak before you teleport for further effective cutoff.

  2. Kala and slim works well if slim can manage to spore monster for a couple of secs teleporter can be activated without monster smelling it. IF you can manage to plant one just outside dome this can be life saving as ppl can teleport out of dome and healup with AOE healbursts. (except trapper)

  3. always have an active teleport portal 1 or 2 jetpack boosts away from you if your focused use it immediately to reposition.

  4. Siren Missiles are best anti feed weapon in chase of all hunters border line OP you can plant them ahead of path of monster for increased effectiveness.

  5. armor reducer + torvald / lennox thunder strike / parnell super soldier / toxic nade is the way to go need to time it well and position well for effectiveness.

Kala tips and tricks?
Dai$y transport
Dai$y transport
Stage 2: Kala Strategy, Tips and Advice

My tip: never forget to put the second teleporter up again when it got destroyed.
Similar to Sunny’s drone. Once it’s down, place a new one immediately.
I already died twice because I ran into the first teleporter and nothing happened ^^


When did Kala become a medic? :stuck_out_tongue:


When you emerge from a teleporter you will be facing the same direction as when you entered its counterpart. So if you’re facing North when entering a teleporter you will also be facing North when you arrive at the other one.

This is just a handy tip so you won’t get all flustered and confused whenever you use the pods.


I’ve got a few:

-When your medic/trapper is under attack, place your Siren Mines in their path or tell your teammate to head to a cluster of them. Like a quickly-made minefield, you will gain a good amount of damage if all 5 mines are charged up and hit the monster simultaneously.

-Following that (but even harder) is to place 5 mines in a single area and then lure the monster towards that area. As soon as he approaches the mines, activate the Armor Reducer and hopefully, all the mines will hit the monsters health bar.

-While the Armor Reducer looks a lot like Cabot’s damage amp, it is far from the same. The fact that it is time-based and only lasts a very short time, means it has to be time PERFECTLY with your team/assault. If you activate it during a reload of the assault, most of the beam’s duration is spent. Yes, it is that short.

-The good thing about it is that all your teammates can benefit from the beam. Wheras with Cabot, it would pretty much be drained instantly if the assault did his job. However, now trapper (and the medic, though he is probably getting focused) can and should unload there weapons when the beam is active.

-I cannot 100% confirm this, but I believe the monster cannot smell the teleporters. I only tried it in an arena game though, so I am not 100% sure.


For some odd reason, the Teleporter doesn’t work for me. If I try to place the second one, the first gets destroyed immediately.
Probably doing something wrong, I dunno :confused:


apparently you have to use left/right click (on PC) to place different types… are you just using the same control to place it, if so you may just be replacing the original!


Thank you :smiley: feel pretty dumb now xD It works :slight_smile:


Hope this is not a dumb question, but can the monster destroy the portals?


Definitely can!


There is a sweet spot if you aim the right distance from the monster your Siren Missiles will arm as mines and immediately move toward the monster. It is best to try when the monster is stationary using an ability. It works really well against Behemoth, you cannot use it against a monster in the air though.

@Gimpy9000 Yes the monster can destroy the portals.


They die in a single hit.


Okay, definitely have to let your team know when you are throwing it down.


i know this was an issue the with flame snare when whitehawk was testing a separate bug for me he found two more bugs xD


Hey I can’t seem to get her teleporters to work, any ideas? I place them but they never really open up, it just shows in red hot far away it is after I leave it. It’s only worked once for me and that’s when it was purple instead.


Ya need to left click and right click to deploy both portals… you can only use portal in one direction you cant pop in and pop back for that you need to plant same colored portal again to go back


Pretty much what Skemo said- also if you’ve played Portal 1 and 2 before you’ll realise they’re pretty much the same controls :3


This isn’t quite true. You can go back through, but there’s a delay of some amount before you can.


Thanks both of you for the help. I never played Portal unfortunately but now I have it figured it.


I don’t know yet if Kala is OP or not, but she will change the meta for sure.

As a monster, if you have armor, you can afford to fight and/or force a dome. When you don’t have armor you need to run away.
Now I think that right now after a dome some of my health will be missing anyway because of her (and that is frustrating),
BUT if I still have armor and I get a down on her or she chickened and teleported away, THEN I might try to stay in the fight instead of fleeing to keep my life intact, which opens new tactics for me as a monster (fight them now, or pretend to flee but ambush, or search for the teleporter to finish someone off).

I think she is dangerous, but her abilities force a change in the meta and in the style in which we approach the match, allowing for strategy and counterplay, and that is something that I like a lot !!
(because Sunny might be op or not depending on numbers, but her playstyle doesn’t change the game or allow for counterplay, it’s “just push a button to get a shield”, which doesn’t involve strategy at all or allow counterplay)