Kala Quality of Life changes


Kala is an interesting character to play, but she’s just so swingy to play. I trust TRS will find the right way to balance her.

My aim is to try and make her easier to play with with what we already have.

Siren Missiles
Reduce the damage gap between the blue and red missiles.
Where they are right now most players don’t know how to effectively use the red missiles while the few that do can do very high damage with the red ones. Also while making them a bit better to use.


  • Increase the damage of the blue missiles to 115 from 100
  • Reduce the damage of the red missiles to 130 from 150
  • Increase travel speed by 10%

Armor reducer
Since monster armor are already going down in the next micropatch, I think an ease of use would be better.

  • Increase the angle range of lockon by a small degree.
  • Reduce how much reducing the monster’s armor drains the capacity.

Teleport Pads

Until Daisy is fixed we can’t get much use from them. *sigh
The pads just need to stay up a bit more to be useful.

  • Increase the health to be more like EMET’s buoy or Bucket’s sentry guns.
  • Reduce the return time after you go through a pad and increase the time before a new pad is useable.


  • Buff by 200% for booty effectiveness.

No words on that booty doe.

Let's talk 8.1a!


As far as I am aware, the blue missiles deal 70 and the red ones 125 damage, but the general idea of bringing them closer together is something I will agree on.
Imo that would be 90 from 75 and 120 from 125 (100% and 133%), with a simultanous nerf to their fire rate.
This would not only make it less spammy and reduce her overall damage output, but also having more time between them gives the first missile more time to hit their target before the 7th destroys it again (only 6 at once), thus increasing the range while spamming them.

One thing needs to happen at first before anything else is done: There needs to be a small delay before the Armor regenerates when the beam broke. Right now it happens a lot that it breaks for a stupid reason or even no reason at all (Lag presumably) and bam, the armor is back up again and you need to start draining all of it again.

So much this.

Actually, that would be even too low. The buff to the buoys virtually does nothing other than survive a few hundred miliseconds longer against MGs blue fire. Everything else destroys it in just the same amount of time.
To actually have them survive a bit, their health would need to be at 170 (I think I will reoptimize that value with 9.0 stats).

Or just have the returning delay carry over to the replaced pad. More than 5 seconds set up time seems too long for me, if you didnt just use the teleporter in the other direction.


Bob and the Goliaths would suffer a bit less. Sounds fine. Travel time would certainly help with Kraken.

That’s no small buff, Azmi. That could make it notably longer. The AR really doesn’t need it, especially since armor is going down. Monsters are already squishier, and this buff would be rather unreasonable in that scope. I’m fine with lockon angle, but not the drain decrease.

Honestly I think they’re fine the way they are. When Daisy gets fixed they’ll be a lot better. The health is like Emet’s Respawn Beacon. It’s massively powerful if you forget about it, but it can be destroyed relatively quickly. The difference is that Kala can throw down portals Sanic fast, so I feel low health is rather justified when she can “lolnope” and throw down more.


I agree. Thinks I want to see from Kala:

  • Daisy fix (already in TU9)
  • Faster mines when she shoots them.
  • Faster teleporter setups, since I think she can be the strongest if the teleporters deploy faster so she can TP away down hunters. (Since TU9 increases down Hunter damage, this idea is kinda void, but there will be those monsters who like to camp still.)
  • increase TP health to make it withstand 1ability so Kala doesn’t need to stand 3 inches in order for a safe teleport.

In order for all of that, I’m willing to nerf her armor reducer a bit, since it’s not good for early domes where monster is running and breaking LoS. More for end-game low HP situations.


This is what I was thinking as well. Also, how would anyone feel if she could throw them farther? Reducing how close to an incapped hunter she has to get…I don’t know. Food for thought.


I don’t know about throwing range, if it means that she can throw them when under attack then maybe. Lets ask @GentlemanSquirl


Actually, in the current state you would need to stay far away from it, so that a flamebreath targeted at Kala does not instantly pop the escape route too.


No words on that booty doe.


I’d like her to be able to throw them farther. I think that’d go a long way to increasing her viability.


I have to say Makeing them able to take an ability would be way too much.


The point of making them withstand 1 ability is that so players didn’t need to stand 3 meters near a tele in order for a save teleport. The alternate route would be to make the teles close 5-15 seconds after they are damaged so players can still teleport safely.


The problem I see if they did that. Is that would become a huge sink for damage for the monster. If it can take a ability and survive that means around 600 health. If you think sunny’s drone frustrates monsters now…


From my own experience, you cant stand 3 meters next to them, because Firbreath targeted at you will take it out as well. With more health, you may actually stand 3 meters next to it and escape before it burns down.

But I like your idea about the rifts being still open.


Yeah but there are instances where someone will be running towards or back to the teleport and with the fire breath or any other ability it just goes away instantly. It shouldn’t be able to withstand a whole ability but rather a certain time of it. So for example, fire breath, it should be able to to withstand the burn for like 3 seconds. I am not sure how much health that requires but I am going on a wild guess and saying 150?


You’re playing him wrong then.


Indeed they are. And that is why they’re buffing their health.


That’s because people, for some ungodly reason, seem to think standing right next to it with a giant Monster bearing down on them is a fantastic idea. I don’t feel it’s a necessary buff in any scope. There’s NO reason to stand that close when it’s charging. Hovering over it doesn’t make it go faster., it just gets you more dead and leaves the team without an escape.

If people used a bit of common sense, then they would never get accidentally broken because of stupid placement.


Way too many times monster destroyed them by accident, or even when they saw hunter running towards it. One simple attack and BAM! For the damage they’re able to withstand they have way too long activation period. They are even more situational than Respawn Beacon and that says something.


It’s all too easy to move 5 meters away from the thing for that to be a legitimate excuse.

Well, yeah. It would be dumb to let the Hunter just escape. did you want it to be a guaranteed escape if it opens up?

5 seconds too long?

I hope you’re intentionally exaggerating. With any modicum of skill, you can place it well enough so that Hunters that need to escape can escape. Also, only 1 is ever broken, and they can be placed as many times as the Monster can destroy them. This means it ALWAYS has the opportunity to work if you just place it smartly or move away after it’s placed.