Kala Perks?

just wanting to know which perks i should try and go for as Kala.

personal opinion: i don’t like capacity, i only have a limit of 6 mines at a time. and yes it might make the beam last longer but that takes away a major chuck of damage from the team, since i am playing solo and that way it is hard to time it with Assault.

any other opinions and/or tips and tricks for me would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Kala should be mobility perks with a tier of Reload or DR. Gold JPR should be the primary perk to keep up with the monster in a dome, strategically place the teleports in low places for people to be able to get out of danger and you should be alright.

do you mean rocket king ?

Legacy or Stage 2?
But as @Chickenprotector said, Mobility is key with Kala. So main perks:

Move Speed,
Any of the Jetpack options,
Damage Reduction (or increased healing received (only when partnered with a Val) )

JetPack Recharge (JPR). I don’t remember the name of the perk, I haven’t played in months due to me not having any freetime anymore due to both work and at-home projects.

As Seeds reinforced, mobility is key with her. This also goes for some assaults such as Hyde & Lennox.

@Seedsy I’d still recommend JPR in Legacy anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It really depends on how you like to play Kala. A lot of people focus on chasing after the monster with the awesome Armor reducer, which might seem like the best cause of action… but I don’t personally think it is.

Keep in mind that every time that you use your Armor reducer, you’re halting your team’s progress in taking down the monster’s armor, and while you’re using the armor reducer, you’re also not making any damage yourself. (Actually, you do, but very very little). So yeah, when you use your armor reducer, you decrease the collective damage output of your team AND you’re more likely to deny your team some post-dome chip damage.

Additionally, The armor reducer also has an increased chance of late-game deficiency.The best cause of action during a successful stage 3 encounter is to hold the dome until the monster’s armor has been reduced significantly or completely, and then trap the monster. In a situation like that, there are no benefits of using the armor reducer.

Kala also isn’t very good at defending herself unlike many of the other supports, so spending a majority of the fight chasing after the monster with your armor reducer just seems like a lot of unnecessary risks, and puts additional strain on an already overworked Medic.

So does this make the armor reducer useless? Far from it. Below is a few common situations where the armor reducer is king!

  • When you encounter a Monster player who focuses heavily on negating damage.
  • When you encounter a Monster player that re-armor during dome fights. (Speed eating, Quick armor recharge)
  • When you encounter a monster that uses Hit & run tactics while the dome is recharging.

These monster tactics happen quite often (Online), and Kala’s armor reducer is a great counter-measure.
But yeah, if you play Solo, these situations really don’t come up that often.

So as a general focus, I’d put that on trying to deal as much damage as you can with Kala. Get to a high position and snipe mines from a distance, (although, don’t necessarily aim directly at the monster, but try to predict its path and get bonus rebound damage! :slight_smile: ).

Anyway, I’m just trying to give some context to perk recommendation:

Damage, Quick Switch, Damage. (AKA: Extra force, Bounty Hunter, Lethal force).

It’s especially great in a glass-canon composition. The quick switch is just a personal preference of mine as it allows me to much more quickly adapt to different situations, but you could easily switch this out with another damage perk.

Another great option is to switch your 3rd tier damage perk out with Nanotech Regeneration (Regen 60 HP per second + 3 damage reduction).

With the low defense provided by Kala, the health perk is meant to help avoid putting too much stress on your medic. Additionally, it allows you to teleport out of the dome, get your health back up again, and then re-engage.

I hope this helps a bit. :+1: Sorry it turned into such a wall of text. :grimacing:

what you say and suggest is what i have come to experience from just playing and experimenting. tho extra movement is good, when we get into a fight, i just find a good spot (high mostly) and place mines on walls or ground. right now i am using

Damage, Quick Switch, Regen. (AKA: Extra force, Bounty hunter, Nanotech Regeneration).

mostly based on what i have to use, and what i feel like works, i wanted to experiemt with DoT for anti armor beam attack. but it does not work as well as i had hoped