Kala or Emet


So I only have one choice to make, buy EMET or Kala. After the gameplays I feel Kala has a kit that seems worth your money but as for EMET it looks like your only buying 3 abilities. But again EMET looks fun to play bc his primary weapon looks like it takes some skill while for Kala it just looks like your spamming balls. Who do you guys think is a more fun character ?


I think it’s more personal preference really.

I love them equally.


Who do you play more as


No one on my team likes EMET they hate him, they say he’s got the worst healing so I don’t play him as much as I wish.

We only play kala with a laz, I really wish they got used to teleports and using them when they’re in trouble but that’s why laz is they’re.

I’d say I play kala more then EMET


Why not both?


This is a tough decision since they’re both pretty good characters. Kala is a pretty easy character to master, so there’s not much fun in that. Emet’s a little more difficult so it’s a bit more fun, so I would say go with him.


I only have $6 in my steam account and my mom doesn’t support me spending money on games and she keeps trakc of where i spend it so this will be the last hunter I’ll buy until someone gives me a steam gift card.


What about her teleporters doesn’t that take skill


How old are you? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.~


I forgot about that. They are the most challenging of her equipment, but it’s still not too hard. Just keep one in the Mobile Arena and one outside and you’re good to go. It depends on you though. If you’re a support player then go with Kala, but if you’re a medic player then go with Emet. I personally like Emet, but the choice is yours.


EMET is awesome. His primary doesn’t take much skill to use. His heals are pretty awesome but it does take skill to use. You need to have smart placement of his healing buoys.

Kala is awesome as well. I haven’t had enough time with her to give you an exact description lol. That being said, I would purchase whichever class you play more.


I’m 17 but I respect my moma but again I love this game :sweat_smile:


If you are playing with randoms then the teleporters seem useless 90% of the time. They never use them or they do at the worlds worst times.
Kala is really cool but I would personally lean towards Emet. I think he takes a bit more skill in combat at least. There is skill needed for proper placement of teleporters but keeping people up with Emet feels really rewarding.


Do you think they will ever make his beam more useful because that’s whats really stopping me from buying him


It is useful. He actually works well with Kala for disorientating the monster and dropping the beacon a little ways off but not too far.

You basically need to look for large sightlines. Like a tall pillar to put it behind. It should make it hard for the monster to find.


Personally I am not a huge fan of either of them as I feel there are better choices for each class. So a lot of it comes down to which class to do you prefer. Also as Kala just came out I believe there is a higher chance of her getting changes to make her more useful.


Oh yeah quick question when the drop ship is below 30 seconds will the beams time continue where it left off or would it go back to 30


If the dropship is lower than thirty seconds already then you just cant use the beacon. It wont let you deploy it.


Really?! Don’t you think it would be better if you could still deploy it after the 30 or would that OP


It would be a disadvantage. You wouldn’t want them waiting even longer then they already have too.