Kala new monster


So i have a thought here… What if in say a new dlc or even sooner then that. They make kala a new hybrid monster and the team gets a new support hunter. Think of the dialogue for the hunters and the abilities of this new kala monster hybrid. I would even hope for a cinenatic showing it all happen.


Kala vs Kala

Team killed the Monster
Cabot : i feel sry Kala but we hv must do it
Kala : what are u talking im still here ?

i would love to see a human made Monster but TRS has confirmed the monster are not made by humans
so we will never see a Monster hybrid or a Gen 1 Bazilisk Soldier as Monster


I agree that we won’t see a human monster. and TRS has said monsters don’t come from humans. but the team still fears Kala and she says she is changing. She put the monster into herself so she may turn into something.


How about if we ever get a DLC adaptation we just go full Monster Kala.

Having a Monster Kala wouldn’t make sense and if it was added it’d be non-canonical.


Maybe the new variant?


Why not a man made monster? Sure the current ones are not but who is to say that they did not try to make their own to fight it? Who is to say that it didn’t go rouge or acts as a new Assault or somthin’?


Can’t make a variant on a Monster that doesn’t exist.

A Monstrous Kala would have to be a brand new Monster, it kinda wouldn’t make sense to me and it’d be non-canonical.

If anything they could make an adaption of her as a Support but full 100% monster but that’s unlikely.


I was thinking full monster Kala Hunter variant.


Kind of what slim is. So it wouldn’t be too far off a stretch I wouldn’t think.


Orion Terrorsaur DLC


In all her dialogue she says that her fate is tied to the monsters but most importanly she explains that all of them carry the genetic structure of all the others so example if a goliath wanted to it could turn itself into a kraken they comunicate & now kala has put human dna in thats why she has the main 3 monsters abilities so nowe the monsters could afdapt there own version of kala


while it would be weird if the next monster was Kala, for obvious reasons that has already been discussed in this thread, it’s still a possibility for the next monster to be a human that has mutated into a monster.

Kala was developing the monster virus at the Akhenaten science facility where they were keeping a close eye on her research. After having exposed herself to the virus and leaving the facility to join Cabot’s team, it’s not out of the question that the research was continued at the facility. Perhaps Kala took her notes with her or destroyed as much of the research as she could before leaving, but the company would probably still find something to work from in order to continue in the direction she was going. And perhaps try to take it further, with dire consequences of course.

So I’ll say it’s very possible for the next monster to be a manmade human/monster hybrid gone wrong.


i agree but when she is talking to caira and linox caira says that these thing can comunicate and share dna and she is afraid since kala introduced human dna into their genome they will start spawning their own variant of monsters with human dna fused into the mix Also side bar she didnt leave to join she was sent and u find out through cabot and abes conversations that the he and cabot where breifed to watch her and if she became a threat to eliminate her b4 she bacame to dangerous. she doesnt realize that she is there for that reason but im pretty sure she suspects it and understands


I like this idea. Maybe they could say that she accodently created it somehow like it split off from her when she did whatever the hell she did to herself.

Then she would look at it as her sister, or daughter. She’s only hunting it because it escaped her lab(or something)


A Goliath cannot just become a Kraken “if it wanted”. Her meaning by this is they all share DNA or, in this case, HNA. Like the nucleus of an atom.

Our brain cells hold the blueprints for a kidney cell but that doesn’t mean that one day you’ll wake up with a kidney for a brain because it just felt like becoming a kidney. Just like your cheek holds the DNA for your foot, the only reason it is not a foot is because it correctly read the section of DNA it is supposed to. This HNA is something that the Monsters all share, as if they’re all clones of each other but form the way they form because of their conditions.

For example, a Goliath might form in a hot climate, a Kraken might form somewhere in a lightning storm, a Wraith… Somewhere, a Behemoth near a volcano, and a Gorgon near parasites of some kind.

They can’t just change species at will just like I can’t become a girl tomorrow by natural biological means if I wanted.

As for this whole Human Monster discussion, there’s (AFAIK) no reliable evidence that says there ever could be a Human Monster for any reason.


For the record, she wasn’t sent to Shear, she went of her own free will. Also the conversation is them saying that he needs all the help he can get and if she becomes a threat then they’ll kill her.


I’m pretty sure that Gorgon was a gen one basilisk… Also if they actually decided to develop the story they could swap kala for a new support and turn her into the new monster, BUT that would mean they’d have to give the new support and monster to the season 2 buyers for free… Which is what makes me feel like it wont happen because yanno… since when was anything bar variants free hahahaha. Sorry turtle rock I have hunting season 2 so don’t have a go at me but your game is VEEERY money hungry


Gorgon is not a gen 1 Basilisk Soldier. Half the forums speculated so and were told that it’s not. None of the Monsters are man-made, or even originate from this universe. Sorry.


oof course they could maybe goliath is like the catapillar of the group the first the base structure and they change accordingly if nessecary thats why all the minions i think always hatch as goliaths and on top of that the cells in her body she explained are always breakinfg down and rebuilding themselve the monsters have such a high metabolic rate that i think they could change over night or over the course of a few days its just a theory kinda like pacific rim only they rebuild themselves for whatever situation they are in. And the talk between Cabot and Abe cabot says that they are to take her out if she becomes threat and abe replies and im quoting " that wasnt our breaifing and you know it" kinda vague but sounds like cabot and abe where given a possibly secret breifing with someone off world again these are just theories for all we know the monsters could just be wildlife that got mutated by our hands like a chernobal effect kinda thinganyones guess is as good as the next in my opinion i think TRS monitors the forums and secretly uses some of people theories for the lore of the game or keep it just vague enough that people can enjoy and beleive their own ideas of whats goin on


What? I wasn’t talking down. I was telling you what others have been told. I saw you were new. Wasn’t patronizing, either. I apologized because it’s kind of a crappy feeling to have a theory crushed.