Kala Monster Adaptation Speculation


So, I’ve heard a few conversations in the dropship between Kala, Caira and Jack, and they all point out that she might become a monster soon… And it had me thinking…, what would she look like as a monster if she were to be added as an adaptation? What would her abilities be? What would the reactions from her ‘allies’ be? It’s just so… juicy, and it makes me hype over it, just thinking of the possibilities. Maybe her passive reduces the amount of armor Supports give? And her abilities use that of mines that our normal Kala support launches with her arm?

Let’s speculate! Cheers!

Possible Name Designation as Monster:

  • Kalamity
  • Kalamnata
  • Subject 01 (Because she was experimenting on herself?)
  • Your input?

Possible Abilities:

Passive: [quote=“Takran, post:6, topic:99348”]
She could totally have one ability plus passive based on each existing monster (but not straight up copied). How cool would that be? It would take a lot of work, but I’d love to see it.)

  1. Unknown first ability.
  2. Armor Denial - Reduces armor effectiveness from support characters only. --------- Armor Reducer
  3. Blink - Can Blink a short distance, and re-appear to where one chose to blink to. ------------------ Teleport Pads
  4. Unknown fourth ability.

Possible Appearance:

Stage Progression Appearance:

small. but very fast and a true assassin.

  • Skin Coloration and Integrity: Purple-ish, Scaley.
  • Overall figure: Bulky, tall.
  • Offensive features: Very sharp claws

Kala: Stage 1 Appearance? Photo credit goes to owner/maker.

Kala: Stage 2-3? Appearance? Photo Credit goes to owner/maker.

Kala: Stage 3 Appearance would remove the human identity from the appearance… So it would appear as if the monster ‘won.’ I haven’t found a picture, then again, it could be the one above, similar to it.

The next four adaptations (post Paladin Parnell), and adaptations in Canon
What Are THESE?

hmmm the armor remover becomes life leacher leaches life from monster and heals kala or other teammates if she becomes medic variant


Chances are Abe and Parnell shot her before she turned. Frankly, I would not want Kala to become a monster. last thing I need is a monster who teleports from one end of the map to the other and you can never catch it.


A possibility, but I have never seen any conversation where betrayal is included, only a huge dislike for her for having her on the team. I imagine that she escapes as soon as the side-effects grow stronger and stronger by the day. I’d love to play as her monster variation, if it ever comes.


Oh, yes, that seems nice. c:


I would love to see a kala monster adaptation. I think her obsession with mastering the powers of other monsters could make for an especially interesting design

She could totally have one ability plus passive based on each existing monster (but not straight up copied). How cool would that be? It would take a lot of work, but I’d love to see it.

Especially since adaptations seem to be taking on their own alternate timeline lore. Imagine if she was from renegade Abe and wasteland Maggie’s timeline, and she’s the reason so many of the original hunters are dead. That would be so juicy.


I highly doubt it’d ever happen but I wouldn’t be against it.


You know what I like about your post @TheWriterOfVazq,

Its that you realize that shes basically already a monster and shes fighting on the hunters team.

A lot of other post are so torn up over if she should become a monster with the monsters #KalaComeHome

and if you think about it. Shes already there and I think thats the point of the character.

but still… as a monster player, the monsters still want to have #KalaComeHome


dude thats fucking genius


Hell yea… Let’er come home already… I’m just in love with the idea. c:


I would love this to be a thing.


Yea, I can’t wait for this! I want to hunt Kala as Kala, while Abe and Abe help…/


Best combination evah’… xD [quote=“TryptWire, post:11, topic:99348, full:true”]
I would love this to be a thing.

Hey, I would love it as well!


She would be smaller sized monster, starting out in her recent form.
Then stage 2 takes over and we here her screams… the beast wins.
Her 2nd form gives her monster lower half for traversal buffs and melee damage
her 3rd form, shes full monster… albeit small. but very fast and a true assassin.


I like this idea. Although, I’d give her, as a Stage 1 monster, a bit more of a bigger size, just to have her stand out. I’ll add this to the original post.


it will happen mwahahah!


I was being sarcastic lol. I really don’t like the idea of it. It doesn’t make sense to hunt Kala monster with Kala and have 2 Abe’s in a party.
Sorry, I should have made it clear that I was being sarcastic.

Your description however is pretty good. Lol


well its arcade mode now too though… so universe has expanded…

I like the idea of the 1st stage having a more monster likeness to her, just not total though.


With all of the time-travel thing, lore is somehow becoming … factual? as it is. Anyways, I wouldn’t mind Kala going against Kala Monster, but I get your point, and it’s valid.


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