Kala Missing (Xbox) - Resolved!


So for Christmas, i got evolve ultimate edition for the Xbox 1. This got me all the hunters. I got psyched for Kala. I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED HER!!! I got both hunter seasons because of the Ultimate edition. And i should have gotten Kala. I have not. Help me


Go to Manage Game, scroll all the way to the right and see if there’s any additional content left to be installed.


If what @TheMountainThatRoars suggested doesn’t work and you already have her downloaded and installed on your system yet she STILL isn’t there, submit a ticket here:



whats a ticket


and ill try when i get home


also where’s manage game


Go to Evolve on the dash board and use the hamburger button, then select manage game.


k thanx will do


it worked thx so much


That’s great!
Do you mind if we closed the thread since your problem was solved?