Kala Medic Adaptation

So I was thinking of a Kala adaptation, and think I’ve come up with a pretty good one.

I can see her as a medic where her armor reducer when attached to monster gives off a HoT radius to heal, and maybe a slight DI/DR. I said slight, so maybe 1-5%. She should also have a longer range on her beam so she can be more at range.

Her teleporters can be removed, and replaced with a medpod that removes strikes, or exchanges strikes between players and Kala.

This way it fits in with the lore of her turning rogue and monster, and thus she puts her life on the line for her teammates. They walk into the medbay and she gets the strikes that the person had. This way she can only use the medbay twice in a game and she doesn’t become OP by nullifying any strikes the monster gives.

As for her mines, keep them as is, but maybe make them hone in on the monster from a farther distance, like 30-50m.

Then give her a solid HB around 400/450 and you’re golden.

Please, if you hate how hunters are switching roles then don’t comment saying so. Just accept the fact that TRS is doing this and they won’t change. You aren’t going to change the past, so just move on. Plus this suggestion fits in with the Lore!


You said this in another thread, but I hope she goes monster. That would be the best thing that’s happened to evolve!

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Because I want feedback on this idea, whereas that thread was just saying opinions without much discussion.

That sounds sick but what if when the armor reducer is attached to the monster anyone shooting at it gets healed

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That’s a swell idea, however then if Trapper is on CC, they won’t be getting healed

Assault will be getting constant heals while trapper and support won’t, unless they just focus on shooting the monster.

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Removing/swapping strikes like this wont happen.

First, most games are with randoms, and randoms are “selfish”, they wouldnt want to deliberately take a strike for someone else.
Also, medic is the most important player, and first target in game. He needs to get rid of strikes, not take other player’s strikes.

I think the only way removing strikes could work, is if there is a significant risk to it.
E.g Player can go into a med pod, to remove a strike, but to do that, he will be flown off-planet, into space station. He would then have to be away for a minute or so, leaving monster with 3 hunters.
Similarly to emet’s respawn beacon, when a hunter goes into med pod, and is away, destroying the medpod would force hunter to use a shuttle to return, increasing the shuttle timer and taking extra time to do so.
So, in summary, removing a strike is a great ability and as such, it needs a great drawback.

  1. hunter goes to space using medpod launcher/teleporter - and stays there for a 30 sec.
    Use of med pod is marked on minimap, so monster sees the launch, and knows he has 30 sec to destroy the pod launcher/portal. If he succeeds to do so, hunter is trapped in space, and comes back with a shuttle taking a minute or more.
  2. use of this ability leaves monster with 3 hunters
  3. while this ability is in use, dome is disabled, so the hunter could return safely( dome would block the pot launch/portal. This allows monster to make a hit and run on the pod without getting domed.

I guess I forgot that I made her a medic, lol.

But it’s still a thread where this could get merged…as a colonist and a regular you should know that

You could propose to start a 3rd version

I would say keep the teleports

Have her banshee mines keep the same “ramping up” function, but instead of homing in on monsters and dealing damage have them home in on hunters to heal. Maybe even shield hunters at full hp.

And then have her armor reducer reduce monster damage instead of removing armor. 3%

If the mods deem it nessacary to merge, then they can. I’ve already explained why I created this as a new thread, but calling me out wasn’t nessacary at all. Especially since I know that you are well away of the rules. I had good intentions in this thread.

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I thought her support viability was focused on reducing the armor of the monster for the team, hence why she’s a support. If she was a medic I don’t think she should have a support skill like that one. So her heals should be related to the mines instead maybe.

The AR helps dmg the monster directly so the team kills it faster. Sort of like Cabot’s dmg amp but her viability is her teleporters. Most people just keep one telepad in the center of the map for cutting off the monster which is good but real Kala players will have one just outside the dome and keep one in the dome. This way people who are being focused can jump outside the arena, get healed up and get back in quickly. Most Kala’s don’t do this because they are selfish, they are newbs, they want to be able to chase the monster for more dmg or they don’t want to constantly drop teleporters. The Kala’s that know how to use those portals and a team that uses them are amazing and really frustrating for a monster. She is a support that wants to be focused because unlike the other supports she can actually escape the monster when used properly.

I would prefer Kala to be a monster but if she were to be a medic that healing mine thing sounds like a good idea. When I use her as support I litter the dome with those mines and they have a farther lock on range than most people realize. I hit monsters around corners/cliffs ect. They can’t channel armor when I am Kala. If those mines were to heal the hunters I could picture Kala being great at healing without LoS. Lets face it, no matter how hard you try hunters either move or get knocked outside of your vision and you have to leave you nice safe perch to heal them. Then the monster see’s you and your getting focused. With the mines you could shoot them passed the wall/cliff/whatever and they would home in on the hunter so you could keep healing.

I don’t think that the teleporter being a support ability is exclusive with the AR being another support ability, both are. It is not like her kit of skills are composed of only 1 support ability, in this case they all are. Except for the banshee mines. That is why I said the banshee mines are ok for healing in a hypothetical adapt. And leave the AR as an exclusive ability for support.