Kala mastery help plz


Seriously I am having a difficult and very slow progress with her tier 3 tele pads. There have been times where I was hurt and teled outside the dome but it only gave me like 80 when I know the pads were at least 200 meters apart. If this is how your suppose to do this challenge it’s going to take me forever to get to 7770.
From what I can gather you need to be under 50% health and tele away from the monster. Does that mean the monster has to be chasing me or it has to be trapped in a dome for it to count? Has anyone found out how to really grind out this skill?



Do it on Defend it already works on the Minions too they just must hit u
this is how i got her Elite ^^


Check out this topic for all of Kalas masteries:

Especially this paragraph about the teleporter:


You have to damage the monster as well. It’s not enough to just see the monster’s health bar. So you must damage the monster just before and be below 50% health when you teleport for it to count.


That explains a few things. I was playing defend with some friends and half the time it wasn’t counting. It’s probably because i was mostly running away and not dmging the monster.

ty all


Question answered!