Kala mastery doing itself?


So in my latest video, I was working toward the challenge, and I saw “Armor Reducer Expert 25%” and then, later, I saw “Armor Reducer Expert 50%” pop up. But I never chose Support at the class select screen. However, when I checked to see how far I was in my mastery for Kala, it showed that I still was only 24% done. I can’t find it in my video, though I remember one of them being in The Quarry part of the Murder Pits.

Another Mastery glitch

Same happened to me earlier, someone else was Kala and it was progressing my Armor Reducer mastery for the 3rd stars, but I was still working on the 2nd star ones.

When I completed the 2nd star I was already around 28k ahead of it due to that mastery bug.


Yeah, this is already known. But as we say in the Netherlands:
“Vraag niet hoe het kan, maar profiteer ervan”
(“Don’t ask why, just use it to your advantage”)


Yeah but it doesn’t benefit you,you just get the percentage come up randomly sometimes.


Ah, I thought you also progressed, like with Slim back then. My bad


Here are my pics: https://mobile.twitter.com/kaijunator1954/status/696083163660087297

Will I benefit from this once I start working on the 2 star mysteries for Kala?


No you don’t get any benefits just the progress percentage might have gone up that’s all.


So you mean that I will have a head start on the Armor Reducer 2 star mastery?


That’s what happened to me for the 3rd star mastery


I got it again, this time it finished the Armor Reducer Tier 2 and got 25% to Tier 3. I am praying so hard that this will give me a head start.