Kala Kapur Kardashian Tutorial Video (Community Made)


@SledgePainter I finished it! So happy that you helped me do it. I’m so proud of myself for finishing this tiny project. :joy:

I tried my best with the use of a text to speech and audio editing software, to replicate Caira’s voice without the negative annoying Caira parts. Hope you’ll enjoy the videos and learn something from them.

I’m already starting to work on tutorial videos for the adaptations next basic and advance included., I haven’t decide which to finish first after Rogue Val.

The advance tutorials are a bit longer because, I like to put in two tips with each of the characters instead of just one like most of the advance tutorials There’s already an advance tutorial video, so there should be no need for me to finish it up.


I think you did an amazing job with it all around, especially making it feel authentic.


Thank you.
Please do another one with me, you can be Waggie and burn things.


It does feel authentic good job man!


Do you think moiser would be proud of this Caira voice?


Yeah it sounds really good to me! I gave you a sub as well liked the video.


My first forum sub cool. :smiley:


Great job with the video… You called them banshee missiles in the tut… They are siren missiles!!!


Shhh no one has to know…


You done goofed!


Correction, their name is copypastas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Good job azmi. This is a really nice tutorial. I hope your next tutorials will be as good as this one. :wink:


No. </10characters


I like how you used the same spots and Monsters as in the Trailer TRS released :slightly_smiling:


It’s also embarrassing how long it took me to learn the Siren Missiles do more damage when you place them around the Monster, where they turn red and hone in on it.


Good job there , you might want to use a font matching to Evolve’s font so here it is in case you need it for your next project : http://www.dafont.com/inversionz.font

On a side not eI was kind of dissapointed I really thought it would be an epic Kardashian trolling thing X-D


This shall make a nice edition to my font collection. Thank you.

[quote=“Lerneros, post:16, topic:82445”]
On a side not eI was kind of dissapointed I really thought it would be an epic Kardashian trolling thing X-D
[/quote]The title was close enough I guess.


Nice work. :slight_smile: Do you plan on making an advanced Kala tutorial too?


Thank you,

I was but seeing as how there’s already an official one made, and how similar it was to the one I made. I decided its best to not to.


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