Kala Kapur Gifs


Made these out of pure boredom and hype.

Whatcha think?


That’s dope, good job! The top GIF is cool too!


Yeah that top one is awesome :smiley:


Love these! Can’t wait for Kala. Great job :smiley:


Good work.


Thank you all so much for the compliments. #KalaHype


Permission to shamelessly rip these things for use in my , profile?




Thank you kindly sir!


Also, what did you use to make the gifs and the captions?


Just Photoshop.

Well, no, that’s a lie. I first ran the clips through iMovie to get the Film Grain video effect on it (you can’t really tell here) but it makes gifs look better when downsized and sharpened.

The rest was Photoshop.


Guyssssss… I made more versions of these gifs for Shane (I’ll post them all laterz)

But look https://twitter.com/jayhillart/status/690716938389979136

My life is forever changed.


Here’s one I made for this thread. Teleporting Congo line


I can here the tune in my head lol. Buh buh, buh buh, buuuuh BUH!


Cooking up something for Emet soooooon™

Just need the right coloring.



Give me some credit m9.


For asking me to make it? Lol


Yeah well still…

If this gif gets famous, I get 5% of the money ;_;


If I make money, you can have half man lol. Chances are not high tho hahah.


I got a cool EMET gif aswell.