Kala Gorgon Bug


if kala use her Dmg Reducer on the Mimik my beauty Gorgon gets damage through the Armor


Well the Beam does a small amount of DPS on it’s own. I wonder if the Beam is supposed to do that?


She’s saying when using it on Mimic it still deals damage to the Gorgon through armor which is completely not intentional.


Who knows though :wink:

Seriously though, that’s weird.


True, but considering that mimic is not the Gorgon itself and that a fire bug with mimic was just patched I’d say this will be too in the coming patches :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird indeed though…


i really hope this will be patches if kala use her beam u must be fast and get out of combat but if u use mimik u must be in combat to make damage so it make no sense that Gorgon get health damage because of Kala

i hv lose 1 bar just because of this bug -.-


It is. I believe it was MacMan who posted that it’s intentional and not a lot of damage.
One of those things where if you put the beam but no one does damage, you want to have some reward for using that ability, even if it’s just a small amount of health damage to the Monster.

Although like Shredder said, I doubt it’s supposed to take health damage from Gorgon herself when you have the beam on Mimic instead.