Kala Falling


Has anyone else noticed that when Kala is dropping from the Laurie-Ann, her camera POV shakes a lot? Has anyone else noticed this and was this intentional because she’s half monster?


Yes! I’m not alone! :laughing:

All my friends said they didn’t notice it. I kept swearing to them that the camera was shaking so much more than it does for any other hunter on the drop. I have no idea if it’s supposed to be a feature or side effect, though.


I’ve noticed it ever since she was released. The camera sways more than other hunters


For some reason that post sounds very angry. I didn’t mean it to be xD


Camera shaking on the dropship fall, for whatever reason, is very inconsistent across DLC hunters vs. regular hunters. Some, like Kala, shake quite a lot, while others, like Sunny (I think), do not shake at all.

This is a really weird inconsistency.


Yup, Lenny was quite smooth. Kala is an earthquake


Perhaps every drop is Kala’s first drop into the new environment and as the scientist that she is, she attempts to collect any and all data she can visually given that she can’t stop to take samples or photos, or anything to help further her research on the Monsters.

At least, that’s how I’ve justified it. She’s new to Shear and having spent years studying these Monsters now she’s finally here and she is trying to absorb as much information about the environment around her as she can.

As for Lennox, she’s in a giant mechanized suit, turning her head or anything won’t do much and so she has a very smooth animation while falling; she can only ever see what the sensors inside her suit are telling her and she has to turn her whole body to turn her head and subsequently the sensors, can’t really do that airborne and expect to land right-side-up.


she can’t help it, it’s the nerves.

honestly i kinda feel it’s on purpose. i’ve noticed with emet when he was released that whenever you finish a match you hear a sound as if a screen is being turned off, not sure if that’s still in.


Now that you brought it up, yes she does shake.
I used to to think it was because she was twerking.


wtf Azmi I thought we went over this you can’t twerk in the air!


Maybe it’s because…

  • a) The closer she gets to Bohrium enriched fauna and flora, her HNA-infected tummy grumbles and she craves the element to sustain herself and ease her pain.
  • b) The closer she gets to the Monster, the more she senses it through the connected hive mind, so she sort of has a little conniption - a psychic meeting of minds before doing battle against her newly acquired alter ego.
  • c) She’s a scientist and really curious so looking at everything, albeit inefficiently. We’ll blame the Kraken eye for that.


This man is a genius


Love when people notice things like this, makes the game 10000 times more interesting.