Kala/Emet not appearing in Steam store


Kala and Emet not show in list of dlc and this not fixed yet!!! (Steam)

Kala Kapur Preview Thread [Full Reveal out now]

I just checked the store and both are available.


Hmmmm. I see them in both the in game store and steam store. Maybe it’s a regional problem?


I can’t see Kala either, even though I have her with the PCMR. I can see Emet, but it in the steam shop it looks like I dont have him.

Btw, there are a bunch of other issues with the steam shop page, that should be adressed. Who is the one responsible for this?


My guess is Steam


Hhmmm. Interesting.

It’s done regionally by 2k. If you let me know what you’re seeing, I can pass along the info. Thanks!


Here is what I think does not work as intended (Region Germany):

  • Kala is not listed in the DLC section
  • Emet (and Kala) are not automatically registered in the PCMR-Edition
  • Hunting Season 2 however is
  • I am still able to pre-order the PCMR-Edition for 80€ including the pre-order boni like Left 4 Dead and Behemoth
  • If that is intended, it wrongly states that it only includes only 2 of the additional Hunters instead of all of them
  • The Evolve Hunting Season 1 is still named Hunting Season Pass, which is not the correct term. This is as a seperate item and in the description of the Digital Deluxe
  • In the description of the PCMR it correctly says Hunting Season 1 and Hunting Season 2

Some OCD-issues:

  • It says “Evolve - Gorgon” where it should be saying “Gorgon - Monster”
  • The minus of Torvald and Crow is longer than the one of other characters
  • Its order is currently T5 Monster, T4 Monster, T5 Assault, T5 Trapper, T4 Assault, T4 Trapper, T4 Medic, T5 Medic, T4 Support. That is no order
  • Wendigo Skinpack is listing between Hunter Skinpacks


  • Behemoth still not included in Hunting Season 1, Digital Deluxe or PCMR :frowning:
  • This actually throws some people off
  • It might be helpful to label skin packs as “[Cosmetic]” and Hunters and Monsters as “[Gameplay]” or something similar
  • Prevents future confusion about the game having DLC over 200 bucks

I think there is something left, I’ll post it when I remember it.


@LadieAuPair do you have any news whether 2k will change some of what I’ve listed? I really think the [Cosmetic] tag in particular will prevent a second DLC-shitstorm in the steam ratings, once Evolve rises again.