Kala Discussion


Now this is not a Instagram teaser video or tweet this is a plain discussion of Kala

So 4 things I’ve noticed:
1: Her hand is like something from "Prototype"
2: She can teleport herself and possibly her teammates
3: Her eye that is light blue, does it play a role or is it for looks?
4: Why is she being reveled next week what happened to the two month rule? Is something big coming on there 1 year diversionary for Evolve?

Tell me what you guys think and saw/see

Elder Kraken - Unleashed NOW!

I was also shocked T5 Support get released that quick^^ well, actually teased.


My HYPE right now.


I love it that next week is her release. Got tired of seeing new characters then getting bored of them. More excited for adaptions really than this support. (Pls Kraken)


Reveal is next week I’m pretty sure


Sorry misread that.


Do you think she could be the first Conduit hunter? A.K.A. (For those who don’t play Infamous) A human with a power and rapid healing


It would be interesting if Kala infused herself with Wraith DNA (hence the Wraith trap map). Her teleporter thingie could’ve been some sort of modified version of Wraith’s teleport.

After all, Wraith is the most abnormal out of all the monsters so far. Teleportation, molecularly splitting herself into a separate physical entity that is ALSO CONSCIOUS AND SELF AWARE, and bending the reality of space and time. What human wouldn’t want a piece of that?


I just want to know where her croissant is.


Gene splicing with monsters. Calling it.




So a device that allows her to teleport
Dubbing it (for now) “Wraith Portal”

Purple liquid injected into her hand
Some type of blue light (When she is running) I want to call it the Warp Cannon for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:


My guess is one of her abilities is a teleport or “Blink”, letting her warp herself or team mates.


Would be cool if she had an ability from all the monsters. She did say in the teaser that gorgon is the only monster she didn’t have a sample of.

So she possibly has more then just a wraith spliced in her. What if she had like her version of behemoths rockwall. For she can shield hunters. Wraith teleportation. And krakens banshee mines has her main weapon.


Teleportation could potentially be very strong, although I don’t see how she could be better than Hank or Sunny if she doesn’t have a shield.


Doesn’t really matter, but honestly, I really wish her last name was anything else, or that her first name wasn’t Kala. Too close to Kell(e)y Kapur from The Office, which is just someone I don’t wanna think about in reference to an Evolve character. God Kelly is obnoxious. xD

It will be interesting to see how her teleporter doesn’t end up destroying the game. Inherently seems like it would make medics way better, especially Laz, Slim, and Emet. But I trust TRS won’t release “another Sunny”.


cough cough cough



And for Goliath?


Yeah obviously she’s spliced with a croissant , why else would she be so crusty?


When I was thinking of the Kapur name I was thinking of the Raj Kapoor, Bollywood family dynasty.

Also Kala looks like Kim Khardasian before the events of Shear.
Kala-K & Kim-K, coincidence I think not?