Kala Dialogue Thread


Making this to discuss overheard Dropship dialogues and convos between her and other hunters. Feel free to discuss and link discussions here.

Kala's Downed Quotes
Interesting Bit of Kala Dialogue
Kala and her voices
So we were playing as kala today
You Guys Are Awesome
So we were playing as kala today


During the lore livestream with Matthew, he mentioned that when Kala is downed, you may hear some… unusual things. While I was playing, I found the following quotes:

“No, no! I can feel them… waiting for me.”

“We will nucleate a true vacuum! This abnormality will be erased!”

While the first seems like the usual far of “the abyss gazes back”, the second sounds to me like she’s saying what the Monsters are thinking. Anyone else find similar quotes?


“It’s reached stage three! At least there’s no stage four… yet.”


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She said that???
I predicted a stage four almost a year ago. If there is ever one, I’m shoving that down evereybody’s throats. :sunglasses:


[Kala] You’re a Basilisk solider, generation three?
[Slim] Yeah and you’re a… I dunno what.
[Slim] There aren’t eight more of you chasing a little guy with a ring, are there?
[Kala] I’m sorry I don’t understand the reference.
[Slim] Ah, I was making fun of you.
[Slim] Haven’t felt like doing that in a while, I apologize.
[Kala] Do not apologize, I understand. We will make fun of each other.
[Slim] Deal.

[Kala] Maybe you could help me, Ms, Diaz.
[Caira] Don’t…don’t try and recruit me to your… experiment or whatever this is.
[Caira] I voted to throw you off the ship.
[Kala] I understand, I was impressed with how far you got, if that’s any consolation.
[Caira] I didn’t get anywhere. Every time I tried to correlate a codon to an amino acid, the DNA appeared to change.
[Caira] Like it knew what I was trying to do.
[Kala] It’s not DNA
[Caira] I know that! It’s HN… what do you think I spent the last twelve days doing?!
[Caira] I haven’t slept! And now? Looking at you? I’ll never sleep.
[Kala] That makes two of us.


Cairaaaaa honey ;___;


LOL, Slim with the Lord of the Rings reference! Now that I think about it, Kala is very Ring Wraith-esque with the decrepit hand and hood and all.


Woaahhh, Caira with no shut eye is a right bit of a wanker.

damnit I’m taking like Hyde with my gobs all notched up n’ such. burp


I think it can be assumed that the last conversation between Caira and Kala chronologically is when Kala asks caira not to tell her the results of a Pysch Evaluation.


First convo I got between Abe and Kala:

Second one:


Thought Abe was going to hit on her right there. Was slightly disappointed Abe, slightly disappointed.


Hang on, got a third.


Yay, moar Abe :stuck_out_tongue:


#He called Bucket the stupid robot. Abe was already my favorite, but now he’s better.


[Kala] I am not your enemy, James Parnell.
[Parnell] Not right now you aren’t. But who know what you’re turning in to?
[Parnell] You don’t, that’s obvious.
[Kala] Maybe. Yes, perhaps. But for now I am still master of my mind.
[Kala] I may someday turn into something… else. But until then?
[Parnell] Until then you’re a member of my team. That means we fight and die together. No matter the cost.
[Kala] Thank you.
[Parnell] Don’t mention it.

[Parnell] What did you hope to gain, Doctor?
[Kala] You must know the answer by now.
[Parnell] No, I really don’t. What does becoming a monster teach you?
[Kala] That was a necessary side effect. I needed to know if the monster’s DNA operated on classical principles.
[Parnell] And does it?
[Kala] As you see. No. It is… I know of no other word for it. It is chaotic.
[Kala] It is constantly collapsing and rebuilding itself. Each monster may contain the blueprint for every monster.
[Parnell] That’s why three abilities. Kraken, Wraith, Goliath.
[Kala] Well spotted. You are more intelligent than I gave you credit for, Mr. Parnell.
[Parnell] I been talking to Caira, it sort of rubs off.

[Maggie] Kala, does the glowing Kraken-eye thing let you see any better?
[Kala] No. In fact, I’m blind in it.
[Kala] Whatever it sees, or whoever’s seeing through it… they don’t share anything with me.
[Maggie] Ok, so a little advice.
[Maggie] If you keep talking about alien monsters from another dimension seeing through your eyeball?
[Maggie] People are gonna stop sitting with you at dinner.
[Kala] Heh. Thanks. I don’t think they’ll sit with me in any case.
[Maggie] You’d be surprised. People in the Crew aren’t hung up on, ah… appearences.


:cry: why


Because it’s funny. Neither of them like each other and it shows in other conversations.