Kala bathing suit

Kala cant remove her suit or her body would get destroy (even then is being slowly kill)
So how does Kala bath?
She use futuristic bath lasers? she take sponge baths?
So just drew her in her bathing suit.



Fair enough. O.o


Didn’t know that one. Where was it stated?


Well… Caira say that her body could fall apart any second.
So my guess is that her body isnt having the time of its life

Huh, I expected something bad…well played…

It’s stated in a dropship conversation

With a title like that, it wouldnt be open to a diferent interpretation.

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Not bad, but very sexy. :sunglasses:



That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. The dropship convo refers to her lymphocyte suit, the blue pipes on her hand and stomach. Not the regular clothing such as hood, pants and especially not the mechanical supportive system for legs which every support class characters wear

Considering what we know about her talking in her sleep, I wonder what she sings in the shower…


This dude is asking the real question.

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Maybe, or maybe this way she clean her clothes and her self at the same time
And when your life is so in the line and almost over every second
You can’t waste time taking your clothes off, then showering, putting new clothes on, do laundry, run experiments, hunt monsters

So much time wasted

I meant the part about taking of her clothes.

You do realize she can take off her headscarf right?

lol I had photoshoped pictures of Caira, Hyde, Sunny, Jack, Laz and Val in bathing suits, but I can’t remember if I already posted them or if they’re still in my computer.

Cabot is the best one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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no thankoo.

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If y’all want it.