Kala Armor Drainer


Had an idea regarding new domes.

So in the new dome, if you do X% of the monster’s health in damage, a minute drops off the timer. With this, Kala’s armor reducer can almost be considered… detrimental, in a way. Yeah, you’re guaranteeing health damage, but since time is on the Hunter’s side, you’re not so worried about taking a while, as long as you get that damage. With the reducer, optimally, you’re getting the same damage, but faster, which helps the Monster.

What if we pulled a page out of Slim’s book and made it an armor absorber? Amp up the damage, and any damage dealt with it goes to her class ability, either buffing the shield or reducing the remaining cooldown.

If Kala’s reducer stays as it is, it’s not exactly useless, but this could be a neat change. Thoughts?


Honestly that’s not a bad idea, seems interesting .


Sounds cool, and is cool…10/10 Would play Kala again :stuck_out_tongue:


With the game’s current system, this could be a GREAT idea! I like it!


It does not only help the Monster but in some cases also the Hunters.
That is, when the Monster quickly gets a down and still has ~80 seconds to go for a second one.
But if the AR enables the Hunters to deal enough health damage to drop 60 seconds, it served as a protection as the Monster will most likely disengage.

Another thing which will be hard to pull of: Only deal a little bit health damage with the AR, then get everyone far away with teleporters before the Monster has enough momentum to get a strike.

Tough generally speaking, the AR is still pretty lackluster. I like your idea but I think it would be a too drastic change and better suited for an adaptation.

My current stance on this would be the following: The health damage dealt while using the AR does not count for the Dome-Timer.
Not only would that make it much more useful while with armor, but also give it some use after the armor is gone: You can do more than the usual health damage.
For example:
The Monster (Stage 1) did not get a strike and lost 12% of his health in a duration of 60s, which means there is only 1 minute or 4% health damage left.
When Kala would activate the AR, you could deal another 4% health damage without the timer decreasing, then deal another 4% until the timer reaches 0, effectively having dealt more damage than you should have.


This. When a monster is forced into a dome there is always a chance someone gets a strike. Kala doing HP damage so quickly ensures that the chances of getting a strike diminish because most likely the monster won’t try and stick around if someone isn’t close to being struck. Cornered beasts and all that :smiley:


My argument to that is the fact that you can just drop the dome manually. And if your game plan is to get small health damage and then book it before you get a strike, your game plan isn’t effective.

@Sepiablitz, I really like the idea of the armor reducer not lowering the timer. That seems great.


Doing health damage and not getting strikes or creating the opportunity to do so… is a bad thing? o.O Isn’t that winning?


I just can’t imagine you getting enough health damage with just the reducer fast enough for it to be a winning scenario. Yeah, you’re getting health damage, but not enough before you have to run scared. If the monster just decides to stick around, then what?


Then you’re in the same position you were in before if you weren’t using the reducer. You just did permanent damage when you might have done none. I’m not sure I understand what you are saying. 2-3 full clips from her reducer and thats 20% stage 1 health give or take. Thats really good. Kala is a very strong support right now. I’m not sure why you think her reducer needs to be buffed. You are trading potential time on your side that the monster could capitalize on a mistake for straight health damage.

Compare 45 second dome to 4 minutes. Wouldn’t you say the likelyhood of a mistake being made is greater in the 4 minutes compared to the 45 seconds? That is what she excels at, to be able to mitigate the amount of time needed to do the damage. Whether it takes 1 minute or 4 minutes to do 20% damage it doesn’t matter, but it reduces the chances of someone getting downed.

If you are saying that using her reducer somehow made it so that you only did a little bit of health damage, armor is still up and now you are getting a strike on someone, sorry but that would almost always mean you were going to get the strike anyway so you came out ahead because you got permanent damage through in one scenario and not in the other even though both would end with a strike.


Well it depends on how you frame what your goal is.

It seems people that want the dome up longer want to try and Time the Monster out.

People that like it the way it is see the value of knocking the health down with relatively little risk.

Personally I like the idea of going straight for the health. If a dome is 5 min and it takes you 1 minute to do enough damage to drop the dome…

A Stage 1 Dome is 16% Health Damage to Drop
A Stage 2 Dome is 26% Health Damage to Drop
A Stage 3 Dome is 34% Health Damage to Drop

That means if you dome the Monster once per Stage right around when it Evolves, and it only takes about 1 minute of time to do sufficient damage, you’ll do about 76% Damage to the Monsters Health in only 3 minutes of combat. This puts you at the best position to win with the least amount of risk.

EDIT: Damn Cow, sniping me as usual…



It might be strong (I can’t judge that yet) but that does not mean it feels strong (comparing to 5 mines to the armor).
That’s certainly not the case once the armor is gone. So at the very least, there should be some use to it when the armor is gone, even if that means some other counter-nerf.

This assumes no strike. What’s more likely 4-12% health damage with additional fighting time and then a strike which drops the dome, followed by some after-dome-damage.


Thats perspective. Objectively it’s pretty strong.

Personally, I think it feels plenty strong. As for only using 1 weapon because the monster has no armor and you are doing great damage with your primary? Not sure I agree that this is an issue. If her main weapon was a pea shooter, sure. But she does good direct damage with banshees without armor, and can do perma damage with her secondary through armor.


Why I followed up with,

Because it does. The longer the dome is up the more likely both sides take damage. A good team can spread out and make it hard for the Monster to focus one of them. Meanwhile the Support/Assault coordinate and focus on the Monster and just like that, Health is gone.

Another thing I thought of is that if the Armor Reducer absorbed the armor it would turn her more into a defensive Support and there is already Hank/Tech Hank/Sunny for that!