Kaiju Brainstorming Thread


I’m just collecting some ideas for my own future project that includes the best kind of monster, the kaiju. Giant monster’s that fight to the death. And what’s better than creating original monsters!?
Here is a place just to think of kaiju that are able to fight each other in a video game setting.
To have an idea of the kind of monster’s I am looking for here’s the 4 that I have at the moment.
There’s a small (Male MUTO sized) mammal like animal that has 2 rows of quills and raggedy fur and Is very agile, able to climb amd jump from many objects and even has a short range plasma wave that acts like a shotgun.
Theirs a giant white female monster the size of legendary’s godzilla that it similar to the female MUTO but is more focused on using a white acod that vomit ls outnthe mouth and things like vines or bombs that grow off her
One idea was a small kaiju 6-wingged dragonfly like creature that is very fast in the air but has some griund capabilities, is able to shoot spikes out of its tail that inject Venom into the target or can stab.
The last is a Pangolin, armadillo, hedgehog thing that is mediumnsized and has several large spikes that both provide as armor but smaller spikes can be shot out as an attack or in defense, regrowing over time, but the creature all curls up into a ball for extra defense.
Now, brainstorm away!


Unwittingly you’ve ninja’d me…because I shall be holding a Kaiju contest soon featuring folks creating their own King of the kaiju!


King of the juju?


This is for my own project, your contest is fine.
You want to suggest any kaiju for my potential game? (That will come one day one year in one universe)


And they call me a size queen. Kappa.

Umm, a snake that’s twice the size of Godzilla and has lightning breath…But it’s extremely friendly and spends its time powering human cities and acting in Japanese films.


Pretty much every feasible idea has been sucked up by this game’s community.

But I’ll contribute when I’m not bleeding from my orifices.


There’s always a new fees blessed idea for a monsters. It just depends on what it is made to do and what it can do.
That shark thing though, it looks so stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, what if it was literally just a giant ball of rock but it had these glowey runes on it and it floated around and it was actually a god from some ancient civilization and it was really sassy

Oh, yeah, this is a thing. The official website contains much cooler concepts. I think they’re planning to release a PC-only game in the future, but I have no idea if it will ever come to fruition.


Living organism encased in rock and worshipped as a god? (I don’t like not actually being a god)


I will have to think up some ideas, for sure! I also fully endorse creating kaiju games. I hope you really do make one! I would back it on Kickstarter.


Sadly something like this would take years for me to get close to producing as well as me having so many other things I want to do. (I have a game idea storage full of ideas to one day do, it’s painful how much I have)
Hopefully this game gets made though, this typed game needs to be made.


Why not just pick the idea you think will garner the most support and go all-in to make it a thing? Time’s a’wastin.’


School. Going to finish high school first and then while I’m taking college courses (for free! College prep is awesome) I’ll be more willing to start.
Also I can’t decide which game in want to make first. :stuck_out_tongue:


He is a god, he’s just a giant ball of rock who happens to be a god. And he’s not encased in rock, he is the rabbit–er, the rock.


Not sold on the god part. I don’t like the monster’s that are God’s for the fact that they would be too overpowered in an actual fight, and also its a bit too out there for me.


Ooohhh. I thought you meant you WANTED it to be an actual god. You can do whatever you like for the backstory. It can still be just worshiped as a god.


Something like this?

But with some changes, like no hands, the base rock being larger and all the parts connected and not floating?


I was picturing a literal sphere with glowing patterns carved into it. But what you said works fine. Just don’t take him…FOR GRANITE!



That’s golden. :wink: