Kaidan, a diy horror game


Hey guys, take a look at this. It’s like those old choose your own adventure books.


Seems pretty interesting. I’m 100% sure my friends won’t want to play most of my levels if it has the customization I think it should. However, it does seem slightly limited on what the ‘haunted’ can do. I’ll keep my eyes out on this though. Always a big fan of world building and I revel in my ability to break down people mentally via horror :smiley:


On their main website, there is a full list of ‘haunted’ abilities. It’s about 30+. Also, you don’t create the game each time as far as I can tell. More you leave the template for people to use later.


I know, I’m creating my own level now. I just feel that I would like a bit more stuff but the likelyhood of a video game wanting to do everything I want it to do is pretty silly. Like I would love to have a puddle of blood on the ground and I can reverse the gravity on it so it drips up to the ceiling. Once looking on the ceiling they’ll find scattered bodies and then I would like to have one speak, fall to the ground and then transform into ash and leave a charred body behind (For an example)


Oh that is good. Well, you could always message the guys in charge, see if they can add it in. Link the story after you make it, i’d like to have a gander Lord Beefcake.


Ya, lemme see what I can come up with.


This looks really cool; I’m gonna keep an eye on it for now. Thanks for sharing this! :grinning:


No worries pal, it needs some love.


Hmmmm… quite ambitious and a lot to tinker with. I’m a lot more impressed after going through a level creation. Not too sure if I like the random procedural map generation as setting up rooms in a specific order would be nice. That being said, there are quite a lot of good tools. The ability to insert your own audio is a HUGE bonus that I’m quite happy with. The only downside is I have to see the abilities in action to perfect my levels. I have no idea what some of the items do or some of the abilities. Really interested in this :slight_smile:


The great bovine god grants his approval. Look on this world, and commemorate.


Heh, I’m a sucker for world building engines and I LOOOOOVE the horror genre.


I just fell in love with the whole darkness skill tree.


I really like illusion and physical. The ability to whisper to one person or to every AND create copies of the victims and be one yourself. OH the mind games :smiley:


I would definitely get this game!


You could make this game a psychological horror. Use those skills, and then make a haunter with no physical body, BINGO, psychological horror movie.


Ya, thats my goal. I love a good psychological horror. I’m actually reaching out to them to see if I can help with level design, power additions, and showing off the game at the various stages. I really want to see this succeed because if they are able to do what they say they can, which I admit is ambitious, I think it will be amazing.


I will support you in that. I would offer my help as well, but I have no digital skill.


I’m hoping that we could add the ability to put corpses down in rooms, or have the ability to pregenerate some, and animate them as an ability. Perhaps use the ‘voice from a distance’ ability come from one of the corpses and it slowly fades to a whisper and then have it animated and try to chase a victim :smiley: My brain is on overdrive with possibilities hahaha…


String up corpses from the ceiling. Have their heads turn and follow the victims as they walk by.


I want this game, badly. I love seeing this kind of innovation!