Kabuki's Community Contest! - #3


Kabuki’s Community Contest - Shak Attack!!##

Contest Theme: Caption the capture!

Contest Rules: The rules for this contest are simple and fun! We the community and other prying eyes, want to see what witty captions you can come up with for the pictures below. Help Dave and Justin reel in the dubious and ever so wild Shak monster before he escapes!

What this means is you, the entrant, must give us your best shot at a caption for the pictures of the Shak attack! They can be witty, silly, goofy, funny, absurd and zany if you wish! But do keep in mind that you must refrain from using foul language and adhere to the forum rules and guidelines while posting.

Do try to also keep the your posts to a minimum. Do not reply numerous times with new caption submissions but instead, do try to simply edit your initial post to reflect your most recent caption submissions. You only need 1 reply to be entered, so try to keep editing that one if you do decide to change your captions as time goes along.

Contest Winner: Winners will be chosen at random from a pool of entries based on the amount of likes their caption post receives. So be sure to Like your favorite captions by clicking the Heart button in that post!

Contest Prize: Current Prizes include a sweet Evolve 5 piece Pin Set, even more Evolve Big Alpha Codes, and a few other goodies which will be added to the pool as things go along!

Submissions: Reply with your captions in this thread and be sure to Like submissions!

##Contest Deadline - October 24th#

Kabuki's Community Contest! - #2

Caption #1

Caption #2

Caption #3



1: I can fly! :smiley:

2: What a lovely day in the park…

3: Got him, let’s go.


1: Wassup im shak and im awesome w monster.
2: SINCLAIR SMASH !!! Jparty: Uh oh… we have an angry sinclair on the loose.
3: Sinclair: Your coming with me… im not done with you yet.


1: Reason we can’t take a serious photo…Maggie wants to always goof off

2: We told sinclair Angry beards was a “thing”

3: Hank said he will carry the team. No one knew he meant literally.

(question what if someone likes 1 of my captions but not the others. I will lose votes? or is it all three for the win?)


Wasn’t sinclair hank xD ?


Basically it’s just based off of the number of Likes everyone’s post receives.

It’s either a Like or No Like so to speak and based on the post as a whole.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much :wink:


WOOPS lol. fixed it


1: jparty be like " i’m not here for you mister monster(Shak) … I’m here for the beard."

2: Jparty be like " hahaha… imma shavin yah beard with mah lazer!"

3: Sinclair be like " i got my monstah… prepare for destruction of anus with yah Lazah!"

  1. This is Shak requesting landing, over.


  3. Winner, winner, monster dinner!

  1. Haha look at me, i’m stage 1 and i waited at their spawn!
  2. Oh snap! Next time i should get some armor before attacking.
  3. Rofl and another noob that got owned at stage 1.

  1. I want two shrubberies, for a nice two-level effect to go right here, to make a path.
  2. A path! A path!
  3. I don’t want to go on the cart!


Caption 1: #3Spooky9Me
Caption 2: A wild Dev appeared!
Caption 3: -REDACTED-



  1. Poontranqdome? more like: pick Hank yo!

  1. Surprise attack!
  2. Uh oh, they were ready for me…
  3. Monster defeated


Shack: Hey guys! I think I found a safe place on Planet Shear!
awkward silence

JParty: I think we just found a delicious three meat treat
Schack: uumm…guys?

JParty: Winner winner, Monster dinner!
DB_Sinclair: That’s right JParty.

  1. You hear something? Nah.
  2. OMG! It’s the shak! Kill it!
  3. Winner winner shak for dinner!

  1. this isn’t what we wanted
    2.Game face ACTIVATE
    3.We found the new monster…I think


I feel happy.