Kabuki's Community Contest! - #2


Kabuki’s Community Contest - Show and Tell!##

Contest Theme: What’s your 3-meat treat?!

Contest Rules: The rules for this contest are simple, yet somewhat silly. We, the community and TRS, want to see what your favorite 3-meat treat is! That’s right, you heard me…a 3-meat treat JParty!

What this means is you, the entrant must show us what your favorite 3-meat treat is by taking a picture of it and tweeting both @KabukiTV and @EvolveGame on twitter of it while also including the hashtag #3MeatTreat!

Submissions must include a picture of your creation, which need to include…yes, you guessed it…3 meats! Meats can range from poultry, meat, pork, even seafood…Anything protein related will be considered a meat, spam included! The more creative, the better! Let your mind go crazy if you wish, show us your best 3-Meat treat!

All submissions must be tweeted in by the deadline date listed below, any submissions after the date will be null and void. Remember, you only need to enter once and all entries at the end of the deadline will be randomly assigned a number, that of which will be randomly drawn for prizes.

Furthermore, TRS will choose their 3 favorite entries and one winner from those 3 will receive the grand prize! All 3 winners will also receive an entry code for the upcoming BIG ALPHA!

Contest Winner: Winners will be chosen at random, and 1 winner will be chosen out of a favorite of 3 entries which will later be determined.

Contest Prize: 1 Grand Prize winner will receive an autographed copy of the Evolve Game Informer magazine. All other entrants who are randomly chosen will receive their choice while supplies last of other Evolve swag such as stickers, a t-shirt, and wristbands.

Submissions tweet @KabukiTV and @EvolveGame with hashtag 3MeatTreat

##Contest Deadline - Ended#


I’m always a fan of having great community synergy, and so far Evolve has always kept shocking and amazing me with most everyone’s understanding of things and ability to participate with one another in great manners.

That being said, I’m going to be holding some contests from time to time and will be using this thread as the general home for them.

Contests you say? That’s right Bob! Contests! Complete with Prizes!

This post is simply an introduction to the idea and the above thread will be used for all current and on-going contests.

All contest submissions will also be indicated in the first posting as well by either them being replied in this thread, or emails.

As of now, this thread will be used to post any current Contests along with discussions and opinions or suggestions on future ones.


Is the winner the first to post? If so count me in :slight_smile: P.S. If you need me to remove this for more space let me know.


Nope, I’m faster than you :wink:


:frowning: Fair enough.


As of now, I only intend on doing one prize for this 1st attempt, just to see how it goes with entrants and what not.

Should we get a good number of submissions I do have other prizes to give out for future contests in the form of free games and other goodies like new peripherals and other sweet swag

Also, I am not sure how often we will hold them or how long they will be up for. It all depends on the contest type and such to dictate length of the contest running.

Not all contests will be the same type, so you non-artsy people will have your fair shot as well, but don’t let that discourage you from entering ANY form of the contests. You never know what can happen!


I dunno. I can barely draw a stick figure :frowning: Writing, sure. but apparently when it comes to drawing I have moose hands!


Well, one half of a postcard is typically written! :wink:


Cool stuff man, if I have time I will enter for sure.


does it count if i pay someone to make something for me?


Absolutely not, no, that would be cheating! But most likely the person you paid would win the prize and not you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Already received my 1st submission from the good man Avocade. Slinky will be much excite!

Along with added an additional game prize


mine doesn’t count!? :cry: i even made sure to get the dimensions right.

ah well, i will try again while bored and lonely at work i guess


If you want it to be your submission, it can!

You just have to email me your final submission in the email listed.



Just submitted mine, hope you like it :slight_smile:

The can't get the game yet super mega weiner circlejerk of sadness and sorrow

Yup, got it. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Now that the Alpha weekend is over, don’t forget about this fun contest!

Remember, all submissions must be sent to me in an email, by this Thursday at 9pm eastern!


Don’t forget, just over 24 hours for all entries to be submitted for the contest!

Tomorrow at 9pm est is the deadline, so make sure you get yours in before then for a shot at a fun prize and to have your submission shown to the world!


Is it 7pm or 9pm EST? Your 2 posts say differently.