Kabuki's Big Alpha Trivia!


Congratulations to the following people:


Be sure to redeem your codes at evolvegame.com/bigalpha

Congrats everyone and thanks for entering! Stay tuned for more!

The can't get the game yet super mega weiner circlejerk of sadness and sorrow



Just wanna say thanks again, even though I didn’t get a code (which is fine by me since i’ve managed to procure a code anyway.) You and other forum users that have these giveaways are really great guys and I just thought someone should thank you. :smile:


Damn :confused: there goes my one chance at an alpha code. Well thank you anyways @KabukiTV and good luck to everyone who got a code!


Congrats again to all you winners. Unfortunately I only have so many codes to give out and can’t give one to everyone :frowning:

Be sure to stay tuned however for more chances later, from both myself and @SlabOMeat and the TRS Team. Keep checking that twitter, facebook and forum!

The answer to this trivia question by the way was, Gobi