Justifying what breaks a pounced Hunter


So here’s my line of thinking:

I feel, that any player-generated damage should not only stop Reactor attacks, but pounces as well. That means from Hyde’s afterburn when setting the monster on fire to a measly pistol when a nearby Hunter is incapacitated.


Because I think the Pounce works fine enough as a stealth attack for food and to punish stray Hunters. Going lone wolf is a risk vs reward, and there is little that can stop a lone Hunter from being pounced, incapped and even killed before support can arrive. This is the risk vs. reward system at play.

However, the monster’s massive damage potential coupled with their ability to knock the player around the arena (ie, move him away from other downed Hunters that would have Line of Sight to shoot the monster and stop any subsequent pounces means that the monster is the “shotcaller” when it comes to where/how he chooses to engage. This game is supposed to reward teamwork. Allowing downed players to help stop a pounce seems to aid that playstyle.

Weapons like tranqs, darts, etc. Those won’t stop a pounce. But personally I’d like to see actual weapons have this ability. And if not, I’m always interested in hearing how the current mechanics of gameplay were justified as sufficient from a balancing perspective.


Im pretty sure damage stops it. but tranqs dont deal damage…nor do maggies harpoons. everything else should stop it just fine besides the pounced hunters pistol


How so? The pounced player has no weapons control right? (has never been pounced) I thought the Monster just auto continues to attack until the player is incapped and then killed. If the pounced player CAN fire a pistol, then yes, I would say that too would be a weapon that should not stop the pounce, however, any other nearby incapped Hunter’s pistol will.

In fact, I would have nothing against an pounced Hunter having no weapon to shoot the Monster with. You were solo, you got snagged, now you are at the mercy of your team to get to you in time. (this gives long-range classes like Medic Snipers, if they’re not pounced in the first place) the ability to stop a pounce from a long safe distance.


uhhh actually i forgot at the moment lol. while alive its a no. but when ur incapped the monster can do the same pounce attack and pummel u to death if no one helps. that was back in the interactive trailer days lol.

but hitting a monster with a tranq dart will not stop it from eating ur friend. just makes sense to me. a sniper penetrating armor shud however. but some ppl have claimed the monster wouldnt stop on the generator, might be a bug to me


Right then. If you are pounced and incapped, your pistol should not be able to stop the pounce. You are attacked until killed or a teammate applies damage (not a non-damaging item like tranqs/darts/etc.). That’s how I’d want the game to play. It would demote (but not prevent) players from going lone wolf. Not that you couldn’t if you felt you had to, but you never would know what is lurking around that next corner.

In fact, I watched video trailers of people who’d camp the spawn and wait for Bucket to launch his head while the team ran off. After a moment, he’d come out there and pounce Bucket to death. Devilishly sneaky! But that’s the risk Bucket runs when the players dont stay by him to protect.


the game is built like that? you cant get yourself up from a pounce…well…maybe thats not true lol. bucket can if he put turrets all around him while using the UAV…annnd if somehow magically hank called an orbital just before getting pounced…everyone else is screwed tho


I think that pistols don’t interrupt anything the monster does (eating, pounces etc) but I could be mistaken.


To summarize, this is what I am PROPOSING:

Pounced players cannot damage the monster directly. Their health is reduced until they are incapped, at which point they bleed out until they are killed.

Any weapon that causes damage will interrupt a pounce attack in progress, but the being-pounced player’s shots cannot stop the pounce from occurring

Player-spawned objects that damage the Monster (ie, Bucket’s Turrets, Hyde’s Grenade) will stop the pounce, however any object being deployed while the Monster is starting a pounce that connects will not be deployed.

Non-damaging items (tranqs, darts, etc.) cannot stop the pounce


There should just be a damage threshold to knock the monster off of the generator/players. Not specific hits from a specific weapons

it might take one bucket rocket but 10 shots out of an automatic rifle for example, and perhaps even more from a pistol, damage depending.


That’s not a bad idea. Maybe a full round of pistol ammo (which is what, 25 Sniper shots from a Medic? :slight_smile: )

But a small damage threshold might be fine. Big weapons would hit that threshold easier, but it still gives a tactical credence to the monster to incap pounce the last player away from his other teammates (or to kill them off completely first)


one thing i would like to add in the game actually are monster stuns. sure the monster gets slowed and harpooned. but getting hit with x amount of damage does NOTHING like the monster doesnt even feel that he is slowly dying. Monster hunter is the BEST example of this. you can stun them by hitting certain areas long enough. which adds rewards for the hunter team knowing its doing damage. (i feel like im shooting at an invicible beast till he plops over). specially the instance where the monster skin changes to “injured” with the blood all over the place. the monster doenst even flinch and hes practically on his last limb. also another thing in monster hunter is the limping feature. when on the last moments of life i doubt a monster would be fighting full strength. in monster hunter regular walking is a limp but ALL attacks and movement are normal
@MacMan have you tried implementing this before? did it just not work out becuase of the burst potential of the hunters?


Aside from the skin changing and the movement animation looking more like a limp, there definitely is little indication that the beast is on the lower end of his health scale.

Maybe some kind of function where the monster’s damage output begins to wane, but he gains increased stamina regen (to haste a retreat) as in a flight/flight system.


Totally dislike stuns. The monster’s greatest strength is in moving around. Knockbacks are a lot more tolerable then stuns. NO ONE likes to be stunned in any game. Physic based combat with knockbacks etc… sure, but stuns are a big no no, especially when positioning and timing matter. I.E. Hanks Oribital is way stronger with a stun.


Agreed. I get very frustrated when a game takes away control from me; so stuns are very controversial in their application.


oh it wouldnt happen alot. maybe once or twice. if a team can shoot 1 area alot over a small amount of alotted time then they should be rewarded. its quick on monster hunter. like a wane…goliath would halt his advance and fall back a bit with his arm up. then roar and attack more. kraken might fall out the sky and struggle to get up for a second. this “stun” is more of a knockback so to speak. and with each stun the next is harder to trigger. also REALLY hard to coordinate when a stun is happening. theres no set meter to see or way to know its happening. even with hank with the orbital on the trigger. it wouldnt be any different than a goliath caught rockthrowing in one.


So what happens if, in theory, you have the best people aiming in the world, not only are you doing damage like you should be, the monster just sits there to take it. No, stuns are awful in just about every game ever. I’ve never had a stun system in an online game where I thought it was a good feature. It’s the water levels of combat :stuck_out_tongue:


you dont think that a monster getting hit with a barrage of missiles from space would walk through it like nothing happened?!? even godzilla gets hurt man. right now i feel like im god as a monster since no damage whatsoever stops me. even stage 1. which is spose to be his weakest. if the monster can knock back hunters then the hunters need to be able to knock back the monster. they are there to hunt the monster but the whole time i played the alpha as hunters my back felt agaisnt a wall. always retreating after finding the monster. as the monster i felt i was ALWAYS the hunter and the group was my prized pray for the evening.

also. the stun lasts 2-4 seconds. continuous damage will not keep a stun going btw. it resets the stun meter on all parts of the monster.


Games aren’t always 100% realistic. You die and respawn on a ship over and over. With games, functionality is more important than form. Realistic or not, what makes for a better game. Stuns don’t ever make a game better. In a single player game, sure, but in an online game taking control away from people is a very bad thing. 2-4 seconds is an eternity. 2-4 seconds with an Parnell, Laz, Cabot, and Abe is instant death for a monster. You won’t even need harpoons in that case. Just stun and unload.


the monster has too much freedom to me. i can do as i please, when i wish it it will be done. I never fell below half hp of course but if i did i would like to know that this fight is not going well. that my character is actually hurting.

every good online game has stuns…starcraft 2. MOBA’s. fighting games. shooting games have grenades like flash bangs. there are plethora of good games that have stuns. look at l4d :stuck_out_tongue:


Mario Kart is successful and they have a blue shell. WoW is (Arguably) super successful and they charge monthly. Just because a game is considered successful does not mean there are thing that people do/don’t like about it. Competitive Arena in WoW, how many people do you think ‘enjoy’ stuns. It’s a part of the game and they adapt, but it doesn’t make them enjoyable.

Flash bangs do not stun, they disorient. Grenades also don’t stun, they disorient. That is what is good, disorientation, not loss of control/stuns.