Justice League


Now a lot of people have probably heard of a team called the “Justice League” basically the DC version of the “Avengers” from marvel.

The Original Team:

  • Aquaman
  • Green Lantern
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Flash
  • Martian Manhunter

Now the thing from then and now is that Martian is now replaced by Cyborg. I have been wondering what happened to him, but I guess this could also become a JL megathread



Following on from Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, it looks like we will definitely see Cyborg, so there is that


I imagine they didn’t want Martian Manhunter because his story/character is too similar to supe’s. That’s what I heard anyway. That’s unfortunate because I liked the show a lot and Martian Manhunter was dope.


Oh yea definitely. There will be a Justice League movie part 1 and 2 that come out next year I believe

Same with an avengers movie


Team has had many rotation of members, but the Trinity, Aquaman and Flash seem to a constant.

I love MMH on Supergirl and would like to see him back to the JL team as I’m starting to read up some of the rebirth era stuff, but I can understand why they wouldn’t do him as like others mentioned that Cyborg fills his role.


The reality is that as the last few decades have gone on, Cyborg has become more popular (both with writers and fans) while Martian Manhunter has waned. I like Martian Manhunter a lot, I think his whole “I understand I’m not part of this world, but love it’s people” thing is something that actually very few other superheroes have that angle on. He’s not 4th wall breaking but he is an objective observer on issues that play out in the DC universe that are influenced by our own society in real life.

But Cyborg has a gun for a hand and shit, so pew pew. :smiley:

Fake Edit: Seriously though, martian manhunter is arguably stronger than superman, factoring in his ability to shapeshift, to phase and to control/read minds. If you think writing superman is hard because basically he can’t be beaten, try doing it for someone with even more tools in his toolbox.